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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday, a pretty good day!

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan has eaten lots of different things today, since I was gone part of the day I was not witness to all of them but she has certainly tried different things. I tackled my second smoothie and at first forgot the banana, so back into the mixer and add the banana and then it tasted right says Nan. She ate avocado with Triscuits, toast for breakfast, chocolate milk and lots more things. It appears that she is gaining strength but she walks so bent over it is alarming. Now she often picks up her TPN backpack and makes her bathroom trips on her own, that is big progress. Yes most of the time she either sits in the recliner or in her bed sleeping.

This afternoon the nurse came to take blood for weekly tests and to show Nan how to take Zophram through IV. Insurance has decided to be difficult and only allowed 10 doses of IV zophram for a month when nan often has to take Zophram twice a day, we can only hope that some samples might show up to help us along. Nan battles nausea most of the time and sometimes it is overwhelming. She has a new pain patch on tonight as it has been three full days on the last one. All in all I think it is helping some with the pain.

I worked in the office for awhile today, finally got confirmation of our new E&O policy for the year faxed to us, handled other things. Got a call from the VW dealer which was fixing my car around 2 claiming they had it repaired. Jason drove over from Santa Cruz to be with us this afternoon and stayed until 8 this evening. nan really liked that, she always loves to see the kids, to hear of their adventures, gossip and plans. Jason proudly informed us that MBA where he works as recruiter of students has 240 this year. That is the best total number of students in the past several years and he is thrilled with the high caliber of kids that are there. Clayton, Jo's brother is back and in school. Clayton lives with Jason and Jo and attends as a day student. He is a very nice person and has spent the summer with his mom Julie in Colorado. Jo is getting used to her new group of angels in kindergarden. As soon as Nan feels up to travel we will take the motorhome to their home and park beside the house for an overnight visit. mom loves to visit there as the weather is usually nice and the scenery is beautiful, one can see the pacific ocean from their front porch or back yard.

We have heard that Keanna is feeling better and will go to school tomorrow. Steve has a big day out seeing properties again. Tonight was meet the teachers night at her school for the parents.

Dana headed to farmers market in Brentwood tonight. nan was going to go too but after taking the zophram was so sleepy that she had to rest for a bit and missed her big night out. Dana came home with some very good peaches.

I headed to Modesto, an hours trip usually, around 4 pm allowing plenty of time to get there by 5:30. Traffic was so bad in so many places that I didn't get there until 5:40 but the staff were still there. I was not amused when I studied the invoice. Over $382 in labor and parts were less than $100. How do you turn putting a new fuel filter and replacing an ABS sensor into that much labor, I was not amused especially noting how hard money is to find right now. On top of it all they told me I had bald tires, that is simply not true. I checked the tires out tonight and I see at least another 10 to 15,000 miles before they might become dangerous. Makes every word out of their mouth very hard to believe. The car runs fine so far, no hitches in my trip home. I'll believe it after I travel a few hundred miles in all kinds of conditions.

It is sometimes hard to keep a happy attitude going hour after hour when so many things seem to be mountains to deal with, work issues are always a challenge as right now values are down, not up and of course homeowners want them up and loan officers want them up and lenders beat you down with computer generated appraisals that lack any human input or touch. My work is certainly helped by Nate who is my personal assistant in creating appraisals. He works long hours and is very careful in what he does. He is a very real blessing to nan and me.

Nan called late this afternoon just as I was leaving the VW dealership in Modesto to tell me that we received over $2,200 in the mail today. That is especially welcome since tomorrow is payroll and todays checks will go a long ways toward covering payroll, timing is everything. Now if I could just find some extra dollars to cover the last AMEX from when we were in Boston. You know I do what I can, try to be as careful as I can about spending anything right now and then I sleep just fine. We are surviving financially and gradually moving forward especially when the appraisals I have done this week get paid for, sometime in the next two months.

Dana worked hard today and cleaned the floors to a shine, got all the paint specks up. Its true I have some painting to complete still on the front wall of the living room, actually quite a bit yet but we are making progress and even getting some pictures hung on the green walls. Dana has let us know that she will be going home this weekend and I fully understand yet we are both so sad to think of life without her. she has been so helpful and positive and is a great friend to Nan. We thank God for her and appreciate her coming and helping in so many ways. Cooking, shopping, driving, giving shots, cleaning, inspiring and being a good friend to Nan.

We thank you for your prayers in Nan's behalf. I so wish I could report that Nan is on her feet and that all is well. I cannot make that report yet. She is stronger but hurts and has nausea much of the time. She has little energy at this point. So please keep praying for her full recovery.

We thank you for your energy, drive and positive efforts in Nan's behalf. The CDs that Irene has sent have interesting songs and sure help the miles pass when we travel anywhere. Thanks so much. The new CD from Carol and Roger is fun listening and has a wide range of good songs. Thanks guys!

Well to bed now, dead tired with no real reason for it. Age?? Tension!! Frustration...

with love

tim and nan and dana


  • At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Roger and Carol said…

    Good Morning,

    It sounds like today will be a busy day finishing up the painting and picture hanging and all the little details before Dana has to leave. I know you will miss her terribly! She truly has been a blessing to both of you the last couple of weeks. Perhaps someone else will be able to help at least part time.

    I know you want to see greater progress and it is discouraging at times. Sometimes we need to look back to be able to see how far we have come. To be able to take care of the bags is good progress. She is doing remarkably well for where she's been.

    Today I will pray for strength for you, Tim. I know it has been a very L O N G journey for you both!

    We love you and you remain in our prayers.

    Carol (NC)


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