Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Keanna and Nikki to the rescue.

Dear Friends and Family,

Sunday evening 10:50. Nan called at 10 and was falling asleep. She has had a very good day. Her day started after a sleep over with Pam Whitted. She had breakfast, rested some and then she and Pam played games, Pam learns fast! Good thing there wasn't any money on the table! Pam took me to breakfast and Nan rested for awhile. Then we went back to the room and shortly there after Nikki and Keanna came to visit. Keanna set to work creating a picture for Grammie complete with stickers and markings and Nan and Nikki caught on on the events at the sale yesterday. Pam headed home and called from Stockton to tell us she had made it and to also tell us that she had purchased a electric cat box, since Dana got us into this cat business we are coping with the unfriendly side of having cats, the BOX! Yuk. Well Pam has been threatening to get the electric cat box that does a much better job of keeping odors under control. So now I just have to catch up with a very busy Pam, raid her trunk and both kitties and me will be much happier. Thanks for everything Pam, meals, company, endless rubbing of legs, back, arms, Pam you are a wonder worker indeed. Nan loved every minute of your visit.

Nikki and Keanna entertained us for awhile and then Keanna and I headed for the little secret garden area while Nikki and Nan read the mags Pam had purchased. Keanna and I enjoyed the garden, I sat and she played. Then we headed for some lunch at Spaghetti Factory. When we got back they decided it was time to go and left. Mom and I rested for awhile and I tried to decide what was the latest I could leave and still get some work done at home. How I hate to walk out the door when Nan is in the hospital. Suddenly we heard a noise and there were Keanna and Nikki back to surprise us, they certainly did and with gifts. Nikki had found some lovely gowns at the mall and Nan was delighted with them, beautiful fabrics and colors. When they had arrived Nan had just decided it was time to walk and was getting ready to do so. So we all walked down the hall, the next hall and to the second set of elevators and back. We were quite an impressive sight, Nan leading the way setting a torrid pace and we tried to keep up. When she got back it was time for dinner so she ate and then got her TPN, antibiotics, pain meds and settled in for the night. I left at 8 arriving home at 9, quickly moved a few things out of the motorhome and started opening the mail, getting the office organized so I could get done what needs to be done.

It is my intention to be with Nan most of the day tomorrow. Dr. Patel thinks she may be able to make the move to UCSF tomorrow. She will travel by ambulance but I will need to drive there too to assist with getting her settled in her new room, meet doctors, nurses etc. Of course we are anxious regarding moving to a new hospital, a place we have not been before but we've been to a few, Boston, Houston, Sacramento, Watsonville, Antioch, Tracy, San Ramon, Concord, Duarte so as Shannon Whitted would say, its an adventure!

Irene called today to see if we would take a picture when nan read the new book that Irene had provided to Keanna. I've included that photo here. It was a very special moment and Keanna loves to have books read to her. Amy, the ICU nurse from Boston emailed Dr. Bertagnolli's office number and email address so we can pass that along to doctors who might need to talk with her about Nan's unique plumbing. Thank you Amy and I'm sure you did a good job today at saving lives! Its what you do best.

My trip home was uneventful. The dash radio in the motorhome has decided that the volume control is tired and won't let you adjust it so very quiet trip home but no problems, about 33 miles to our driveway.

Tomorrow could hold many answers to the questions that confront us regarding Nan's leak. It may take more than one day to even get a bed assignment so we will try to be patient. Our care at John Muir has been excellent, the nurses are very thoughtful and work well with Nan. Of course Nan is a professional patient and knows how to behave and cooperate too. She is feeling very good most of the time with minimal pains which are controlled well with 1 mg of dilotud every 2 to 6 hours. She is eating every meal now, soup, milk, tea and loving it.

Well this ol boy needs to sleep, just had to thank the many people who made this day work so well for Nan. I sure hope we are up to the challenge of passing along this quality of love to others when its our time to help.

Please pray for God's guidance and control over the hospital change, doctor changes, transportation process and help with the internal leaking. Thank you in advance for your including Nan in your time with God.

We send our love to each of you,

tim and nan


  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger Irene Wing said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,
    It was so good to hear you had a wonderful day yesterday with Pam, Nikki and Keanna. What a blessing to have good friends and family to encourage you along this journey and fill your hearts with gladness. I loved the photos of Nan reading to Keanna. Nan's love for Keanna was expressed so well in her eyes and the animated surprise of the cat's antics were as well as any teacher would have shown in a classroom setting. Yeah!!!
    We are all anxious to know when UCSF will have a bed for Nan so she will get onto the next step toward her recovery. Praying for God's will to keep Nan safe and comforted.
    Love and a big hug,


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