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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday afternoon report, we might move at 5 pm!!

Dear Friends and Family,

The word is that we move at around 5 pm today. However that is only if they find a bed at UC, we now have a doctor and everything is in order but we need a bed before the transportation people will step in and move Nan.

Nan had a very good night other than a fever for which they gave tylenol. She slept at one point nearly 6 hours without pain meds breaking up the sleeping time. She has been talking on the phone and when I arrived she mentioned that the collecting bag they have on her wound to catch the fluid was leaking. She had a good lunch and ordered seconds of the soup. Then the wound care nurse came, she is a total dear person, thoughtful, attentive and very good at what she does. She put on a new device to catch the fluid so Nan is ready to travel if the word comes down. Nan needed a second dose of dilatud during the dressing change, lots of pulling things off the skin etc. So as you might imagine she is very much asleep now and will be for some time. She has enjoyed calls from Dana, Sharon and Jason in the last little while.

I am beginning to believe that they may actually move her and we appreciate Dr. Bertagnolli and Dr. Warren for helping this move take place. Dr. Morgan was kind enough to call our oncologist about the Gleevec and they have decided on a plan that the Gleevec starts the next day after whatever procedures are done to stop the leak. Thank you Dr. Morgan.

I am trying to cope with a few appraisal issues this afternoon and will then drive over in my own car to SF. I may be able to stay the night with Irene's sister who lives nearby. That would be very helpful. If Nan gets moved tonight then perhaps they can start doing some procedures on her tomorrow. We know that not much gets done over weekends but we hope they will be able to do something to help her get better. I am blogging now because once the move starts to happen I have no idea of how things will shake out. Nan and I both really appreciate your many special prayers about moving and about healing this leaking. We feel very supported. Art is a special friend who I can talk to anytime. My brother Jerry often calls and keeps up with what is happening. Lately Sibyl, my sister who lives in Ohio, has been catching me on the instant messenger connected to my computer. I have spoken to her the last two mornings. She sent us a card with a check and I was very humbled. I know she is retired and can ill afford to be giving away money and we are deeply touched for her help. What a strange sensation to be on the receiving end of so much love and support. I just can't wait to turn it around. It is harder to receive than to give let me tell you.

Well I am going to sign off now. I really hope we get to move today, we will see and we will allow God to do His timing thing once again.

We send our love, our appreciation, our hearts to you all. Please continue to remember this sweet lady with the huge heart of courage in your prayers.

sending our love

tim and nan


  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Irene Wing said…

    Nan and Tim,
    YES!!! God answers prayers according to His wisdom. I am getting goose bumps knowing you get to go very soon - hopefully at 5:00 pm. Tim, please call my sister at her work number by 5:30 or leave a message at her home afterwards when ever you know for sure. She already has the room ready for you.
    Also, call me on my cell phone, too. Praise God for all today's blessings.


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