Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday progress report

Dear Friends and Family,

Its 2:30 in the afternoon here in 3123. The news is mixed right now. UCSF has agreed to accept Nan as a patient. But we are warned that it might take two days to get there. In the last hour Nan's fever has started to increase, just now it was 101.9, earlier it was 101.2 so doctors are being called. We have been told that Nan does now have infection of some kind in her blood in spite of the antibiotics being given to her morning and night. She feels pretty well but has pain enough that the dilotud every 3 or 4 hours is a welcome relief. The local infectious disease Dr. would like to proceed with having intervential radiology drain off some fluid that they think has collected inside and also proceed with dye to see if the leaking point can be located. Nan would much prefer that this be done at UCSF but our time may be running long here with something needing to be done sooner than we can get there. We have just prayed together seeking God's help for right now. The nurse is getting permission for Nan to have some tylenol (sp) to see if that will work on the fever. I wish I could push the UCSF people to accept Nan this afternoon, we need to get going as soon as possible. Now the nurse says the decision has been made, no tylenol, just wait to see what happens.

Its now an hour later, the infectious disease Dr. was here and has agreed to hold off on pulling fluid from Nan's belly with a long needle. The case manager nurse was just here and she is great. She is pushing hard to facilitate the move to UC as soon as possible, could even be this evening or tomorrow morning. She also helped with the forms we need to begin to claim disability insurance first from the state and then federal government. We should have started this years ago but were unaware of it until our home health nurse brought it up. So now we have the papers in our hands to proceed. Due to Nan's fever nurses have just come to take a blood culture sample from her picc line and another from her arm. Turns out that when we arrived here in the hospital Nan had a blood infection and now they are trying to make sure she does not have one going right now. I know its confusing. Does she have a current blood infection or not? Someone must know.

It is a bit tense here with anticipation of the move and various people coming and going helping us get ready for the move. They are all nice and helpful. Meanwhile Nan got woken up from a very sound sleep and is now watching Judge Judy. Nan had a good lunch with cream of tomato soup as the main course. Also cranberry juice.

I may blog again later if we find out more about our move etc. Our life will get more complicated when we make the move to SF. The trip from home will take about an hour and a half in good traffic so I'll have to plan more carefully. It is fairly easy to find but parking is expensive. Irene has kindly arranged so I can stay at her sisters when I need to stay over in the city. That is such a blessing and relief.

Perhaps it is time for me to do some appraisal work this afternoon, also some tax prep work, I can control my home computer from here and although the connection is very slow it can be done. I have accepted a couple appraisal assignments, one in Marin and one in Santa Cruz, both of these locations can be reached easily from SF. But when there is a procedure being planned I will be at Nan's side no matter what.

Thank you for your responses to the blog and especially thank you for your prayers. Please, please continue to pray that God will guide in this process of finding the leak, fixing the leak and helping Nan on her way to recovery.

With love,

tim and nan


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