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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Update from our home to yours

Dear Friends, Family and interested bystanders,

Welcome to the exciting recovery of one of the worlds great ladies, Erin Ann Nelson Mustard.

Some updates to report: Dr. Morgan, our trial doctor at Dana Farber Cancer Institute replied to my email asking if we could possibly use a little pretisone to stimulate Nan to feeling better. His replay was disappointing. He said we should not use steriods due to the combination of Gleevec and Rapamune. He said another reason not to use it was the necrotic tissue, causing the black liquid. He did suggest two other possible meds though, Zyprexa at 5 mg po before bed or Marrinol at 5 mg to 10 mg daily three to four times a day. Can anyone tell us anything about these two drugs he suggested? What does po mean?

The second update to report: Nan received a device she big on and won on Ebay, a little device one wears on the wrist which is often used for people on cruise ships. It sends tiny electrical signals through the skin to certain nerves and often helps people with nausea. Nan really needs a break from this constant enemy and I hope the device or the suggested meds will do the trick.

Nan was downstairs for several hours today before heading back up for an afternoon nap. While there her cell phone battery ran down, she has it charging now. This morning Steve and Keanna came to visit and pick up files. Meleboo came too, what a cute adorable puppy with the softest fur. She is already the size of Starr and growing fast. Next week we get her while the kids go on a vacation to the Tahoe area. That will be fun, she is so cute and wiggly. Keanna visited the kitties, found her Dora dancing doll, chatted with her grammy and then they were gone. She is a wonderful blessing and Steve is a good dad.

I did a relo appraisal in Tracy this afternoon, cute place in near perfect condition but its just the wrong time to be selling a house, lots of inventory and few buyers. Then I drove back here to the office to jam some work out. The Redding appraisal is done and delivered, the driveby Stockton review is also out and gone. So is one in Richmond and pretty soon one in Benicia. Nan has me going to SF and Milbrea tomorrow so once again on the road. I've got to find time to buyer tires, I think mine are good until it rains, slicks are not so good when its wet. Yesterdays trip to Redding ended up using about a tank of fuel and I got about 42 mile per gallon. Found diesel cheaper in Tracy today and since the yellow light was blinking it was time to fill. 13 gallons.

When Nan came down this evening and we opened up the stove we found a bed of coals waiting to ignite again, nice wood. Home is warm and comfortable, my heart aches for Nan, not being able to enjoy anything, just feeling sick or near it all the time. This has got to change, we just need to push until someone finds an answer somewhere. We are begging God to help us begin to move forward once again in the recovery. At least Nan is holding her weight, she was 127 on monday morning, that is a good thing.

I'm blogging early tonight and hope to go to bed early for a change. We both really enjoy our sleep and with minor disruptions during the night we both get pretty good sleep, that is such a huge blessing and a big factor in nan's overall good health I think.

We are looking to the afternoon of the 27th or 28th for Nan's celebration as she turns a year of maturity. Which day would you prefer? Let us know.

Thanks for your wonderful love and support.


tim and nan


  • At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Friends,

    I have been reading your daily blog ever since Boston and my prayers for wellness and recovery are with you both daily.

    Tim, PO meas you take the medication by mouth.....pill or liquid form. If it was IM that means the medication is injected.

    I will do some research on line and find out as much as I can about the 2 meds you asked about. They are both new to me and have come out recently.

    Nan, I admire your courage and strength to push ever forward twords recovery. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your personal struggle twords a more comefortable life.

    Tim, my hat goes off to you as well for your ever faithfulness and kindness twords your wife. Having been in a similar position for a long time, I realy do understand where you are comming from in your frustrations with medicine, and deeply wanting your spouse to be whole once again.

    My prayers are with you both,

    Valerie (White) Burnett

  • At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Great news! Many of the things that you have had on your list of needs are met today. Seems like CHRISTmas all over again. An explaination of the black liquid, this has been a long time concern and now that is over. You even have a line on stuff for your next cruise, no nausea on board means no nausea on land. The new medications promise new break throughs. All in all a really good day. You even have air in your tires! At least for a little while. If you are in Tracy on Friday, I could get you and appointment we could do lunch, you know the regular stuff.

    Love and continued prayers,


  • At 7:46 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    I sure hope that nausea control device works for you. I know it works for morning sickness and motion sickness. Yes, and I also know you are a unique person with very unique needs. I guess that makes you special! Anyway ~ I hope it works for you.

    I've been to the "Y" and the grocery store already this a.m. and now finishing up the cottage laundry. I really need to finish putting away the Christmas decorations. I didn't get very many out, but it still needs to be dealt with.

    It's a chilly 31 degrees at 10:30 and we have a dusting of snow on the roof tops and the lawn this morning. It was very windy and cold last night, but bright and sunny today. I think it is supposed to get up to 45 today. Brrr!

    Well Nan, just pretend you are on a cruise ship in the warm Caribbean ~ gentle breezes blowing, clear blue water. And no sea sickness!

    Love and continued prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    We too hope that this new device for nausea relief will bring comfort to Nan.

    This Day is for Carrol & I a Day that We remember with Sadness and on the other hand, Great Hope that the day will soon come when the sorrows and pain of this world will be "NO MORE" forever. It was 5 years ago Today that Our Dear Son Rick Passed away at Davies Medical Center in S.F.

    We continue in Prayer for You and ask that You remember Us at this Time. We all have things & times in Our Lives that need the Good Lord's Special Attention.

    Have a Good Day,

    Bob & Carrol.


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