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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A day of rest, of progress, of family joy

Dear Friends and Family,

We are winding down now after a very big day. Keanna spent the night last night, went to bed at 10:30 and was up at 6:30 to gently tell us good morning Grammy, Good morning Grampy. We suggested to her that she go back to her room and rest, she went when I turned on a DVD and we did not hear from her again until 8:30 which was almost too late for Sabbath School. We quickly made breakfast and headed to SS. She wanted to wear casual clothes so I relented and let her. We arrived late but there were only 2 girls there when we arrived. Keanna enjoyed Sabbath School and was a good girl throughout. Kim sent a present home for Keanna's birthday, Keanna loved it, a new sippy cup and a nice purse. When we left SS we called Nikki to find she was sleeping in so we hit the Burger King and had an early lunch and a play time. Then home to see Grammy and Aunt Marilyn. Hearing that Nikki and Steve were coming over Nan made her way downstairs to her recliner. Nikki and Steve came later and we did some cleaning up in the back, Steve cut some cat tails in the lake, power washed the dock and cleaned the paddle boat. Steve and Keanna went swimming in the lake and Melaboo was in the water at least 25 times to chase geese, fetch the ball and just get wet. What a fun dog and what a great afternoon with family. When I finally came in Nan had some ideas of her own. Since I would have to take Keanna home, their Tahoe did not have a child seat so I drove her home and then picked up tomatoes, yellow squash, onion and ice. Nan had decided that she wanted some squash for supper, sure enough, she had a small serving of squash, cottage cheese and a tomato slice. First food in 4 weeks and she did well with it. Nan decided that she would like to go to the back deck and see what we had done and to check on her plants. She made it down to the lower deck and looked over the squash, the tomatoes and the lake. Just before we walked outside we decided to empty all the bags and nan said to be sure to empty the colostomy as well. Well it had a LOT in it this time, every day Marilyn has been here the bag has had a little more in it. We are thrilled, seems she brings the best out in us!! Ha Ha! Marilyn has added a wonderful element of family and has been such a great help to Nan in every way possible. We are very happy with the progress Nan is experiencing. She is still very weak and tires easily but is staying up most of the day now and doing lots of things. At this point she is resting in her hospital bed and we are watching a great movie on the Hallmark Channel. We often find great movies which enhance family and are wonderful and enjoyable.
What a nice 24 hours we have had. It reminds me of the blessings of life we enjoy and it was so good to see many friends at church today. It was especially nice to see the Toons who now live in Oregon on the coast. They are precious people and reminded me that they pray for Nan every day.
Tonight we are grateful for a very special day with family which includes Marilyn. This is a wonderful time of year with good temperatures, cool breezes and pleasant sunsets.

So good evening my friends, my family.

Please pray for the blockage to continue to break up, for some way to solve the tumor growth, for strength.


tim and nan and marilyn

PS. As of 11 pm we emptied the colostomy bag again and this time there were three pills there clearly visible in the mix. Also when we tried to pump the stomach after she ate the squash, cottage cheese and tomato almost nothing came out. Seems it may have moved on through the system. I have included a few photos taken this afternoon. Perhaps they will illustrate the day and yes that is Nan on the lower deck checking out the squash which she ate later in the afternoon. The geese were nice enough to bring their little goslings by for Keanna to see.


  • At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol. said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    So good to read that things are "Moving " at last We will continue to Pray that the blockage will no longer be an issue to deal with. How good it is to see Nan outside enjoying the beautiful weather that We all are blessed with in the Valley right now, how different from last Years 105+ for days on end. Those Power bills will not soon be forgoten.

    I just finished the bi-monthly application of Miracle Grow to Our Yard & Plants it is about a 1 1/2 hour job but on the good advise of Our Yard Man We are faithfully doing it and things do look nice & green I must admit so I guess We will keep it up through the Summer.

    We will keep wathching the blog and stay in touch by phone to see when would be a good time to come over and visit a bit with You good people, seems like it has been a long time since We saw You, just after getting home from the Hospital following the Short Cruise I think.

    Carrol has Her regular Clinic appointment(Aridia Infusion 4+ hours) tomorrow 8:30 a.m. in Stockton, Pick up Monthly Med's (Pharmacy is just 4 blocks from the Clinic), stop at Cost-Co for Gas & Mangosteen and The $1.99 Hot Dog Lunch Special, always a long day and again We are Praying for Good Lab Work Numbers. No Procrit is always a plus and We know that She will not have to have any Chemo Pills for at least the next 2 months so for that we are very thankful. Sadly Hilda will be missing this time, seems like every month someone is no longer there at the Clinic but some how the Chairs remain full with new people, how wonderful it will be when those "Chairs" will be empty for good and all of this Cancer will be gone forever.

    Have a good Sunday and know that We are thinking of & Praying for You both.


    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 11:45 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Yes, it is great to see Nan outside again. Good to be out of bed and downstairs for awhile. So your squash is producing! You give me courage for my patio squash. No, I'm not growing tomatoes in a hay bale, but I am growing them in a big pot. I'm just not sure what feeds it in a hay bale. Maybe you can share that "secret" method with us blog readers.

    How nice that Marilyn has been there with Nan this last week. It's always special to have a friend near when you aren't feeling that great.

    I'm ready for a break! I went to Wal-Mart early this a.m., repotted some plants, washed and folded 2 large loads of towels, fixed lunch and cleaned the kitchen. I have one more load of towels to finish and I think I've done a day's work. Poor Lesley has 6 cottages to clean. I'm glad it's not my job!!! She has a few days to finish them however.

    Have a good week with nothing kinked or clogged and things moving smoothly. Tim I hope you get your little black bug back and ready to go to work with you again. Don't forget to water the hay bale and squash!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nan and Tim:

    Great to hear that Nan is finally eating and feeling better. She looks so happy in the patio deck. The photos are beautiful, now I feel like I know Marilyn as you talk about her so much, she sure is a great friend to be helping so much.

    Yesterday, after church we visited Art's uncle (Bill)as we do almost every Saturday in Hollister. We found out this morning that he is in intensive care as he fell a few hours after we were there.

    Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day early in Livermore as we won't be here on that date. I enjoyed the family conversations and found out so many things from his kids, things that happened as they were growing up. We had a wonderful BBQ in a beautiful setting and later we taught some of them how to play Mexican Dominoes. Art didn't want to come home and it was pretty late, he wanted to win at least one game - well it was past midnight and he didn't win. We had lots of laughs....small group but very cozy.

    Got to bed after 2:00am - no traffic on the freeways! Art read the blog before he went to bed - I was too tired.

    Tomorrow we will be somewhere between California and Oregon. The next two weeks will be lots of fun, we have no hotel reservations will take one day at a time. There is so much to see I just hope that we can find a place when we need one.

    We'll keep checking e-mail and the blog - and as always, call at any time!

    Nan, continue to eat!


  • At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Thank you for leting Keanna entertain me a little while at Sabbath school yesterday. She was very delightful as you well know. Anyway thanks for sharing.

    At waters edge and even tide quick goose me! Not that kind of goose silly! Maybe I should have said geese me but I don't know if I can stand the excitement. Thanks for sharing the picturs of some of the main characters in your story. A really, really, really long get well card!

    All blessings great and small should not pass our way without notice. It seems that in retrospect there really are more blessing than we ever imagained. I just didn't see them when they were happening. Eyes wide open now!

    Still praying and paying attention to see all the blessings not just the big ones. Have a wonderful day with your loved ones!



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