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Thursday, October 12, 2006

No room in the inn tonight

Dear Friends and Family,
This will be a brief message. Leann just came in to tell us that she was not able to move Nan today. No bed available so they will try again in the morning. My first reaction was not very nice. But fortunately I kept it to myself. We were told last friday that this place had nothing to offer and we have been trying to get into UC every since. Meanwhile the insurance will be paying another $82,000 for this weeks stay. Amazing.

Nan slept for two hours after the pain meds were given and she has just gotten some more now. We will walk later. We will have anice evening together here in good old 3123. The room is nice and the people are great to us, just there is nothing being done to help Nan get better and we are off Gleevec, the only thing that prevents new tumors. Sure hard to leave things in the Lords hands when it involves someone you love with the whole heart.

We will share more when we know more. We know from experience that hospitals do not like friday admissions and often nothing gets done for the entire weekend. Lets hope that is not thecase this time. We are being told we willbe at the Mt Zion hospital a part of the UC system.

Sending our love and if you get a chance why not call Nan on her cell. 925 354 7677. Thanks so much

tim and nan


  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Nan & Tim ~
    Oh no, another night in Concord. Well, make the most of it ~ have a good evening together ~ they have room service and bring meals and change bedding and clean you up - all of this is for Nan, of course. Tim, you're on your own!!!

    I know this is very discouraging and you want something done quickly.It's times like this when we know God has a plan and we want to be in on the plan. We have to be patient and wait for answers. God has been so good to you both and He will continue on that path - we know that. Courage my friends!!

    My prayers continue!!

    Love, Marilyn

  • At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Was so good to talk to you both. Put your minds on "rest" for tonight. Look forward to tomorrow. Tim, you might want to take some of her things home with you tonight so you don't have so much to move tomorrow! Friday will be a very busy, exciting and tiresome day. Rest up and be ready! Isn't God great! Will talk to you tomorrow. Have a good night. Love, Sharon

  • At 8:40 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    It is morning in CA by now and I hope the day dawns bright with some answers today. Waiting is so hard. I know.

    I have been telling you for months to "wait on the Lord", "trust", "wait patiently". This morning in my quiet time God impressed me that I'm not doing such a great job of those things myself. Then I was able to relax and realize God is in control of the lives of all His children who will allow Him to be. I'm not sure I was really trusting and allowing Him to work in his time. I've fretted and stewed ~ let myself get stressed out. Bottom line is I can't change anything, so TRUST! God will give me the strength for anything he allows into my life.

    So, Tim and Nan, hang in there ~ trust! There's nothing else that we can do at this point. No need to fret or stew. Allow God to be in control today. Treasure each day as a gift from God and live it to it's fullest!

    Love you both and continually remember you in prayer.

    Love ~ Carol

  • At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dar Nan & Tim,
    I hope you can receive this note. I tried to send one the other day, but I am not sure It went to you. I do pray for you several times a day, and I am sure many are doing that.
    I would come over to stay with Nan, but I can't drive over there.
    When I asked you about doing that for Nan,(I got your recorder) You did not call back, so I thought you were out, then when Sylvia went to see you, she mentioned that you were looking for me. I am sorry I did not get over there.
    I hope the new place will be able to help Nan. Love you guys
    ps, Let me know when you git home, & I willl try again.


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