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Friday, December 28, 2007

Another day in paradise

Dear Friends and Family,
It is now evening and once again I am really tired and getting a little more burned every day. This morning Steve and Nikki went on a snorkeling trip to a national park, one that is completely under water. It is one of the world's best snorkeling place and they loved it. The really nice extra plus was they saw whales on the way to the snorkeling spot and than again on the way back. Yesterday we spend many hours on the ocean searching with no success but today just as they are traveling on the way they see whales. Nikki was thrilled and so was Steve. Meanwhile Jason and Jo were not having such a good time. They arrived at their hotel this morning before 9 am but check in was 3 pm. They were very tired from the all night trip on ATA. Of course their luggage did not make it. When I spoke again to Jason this afternoon he said the luggage had still not arrived. Jason went to the hotel office this morning and they let him in 6 hours early and to a better room with ocean and pool view. They rested much of the day but Kauai is having rain issues nearly every day. They hope for some beach time in the sun.
This morning Keanna and I went to the pool for breakfast and then she went to the children's pool. We were only there for a few minutes and a young chinese girl arrived, Presley by name, who was Keanna's size, with a life jacket, goggles and plenty of energy. They played non stop for hours until it was time to pick up Nikki and Steve at the boat. Then a nap was in the offing. Finally we woke up and Nikki made a great dinner. Then to downtown Kona for shopping and now back to the unit.
I've conducted some business today, ask Kent to see if he can fix our heater so the doggies won't be so cold, talked to Art several times, spoke to both LeAnn and Loree and several others. This afternoon I got to talk to Sharon for awhile and got an update, her house is coming along well and she is feeling well too.
I really appreciate hearing from Carol and Roger and Wes. What great friends with good advice for the future.
Now I'm so sleepy I will crash, slept from 1:30 this morning until 5 am.

We are sending our love to each of you,

Nikki, Steve, Keanna and Tim


  • At 3:04 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    It's another beautiful day here in NC also. Any day that we can wake up feeling good is a good day! It does sound like you are having a good time with your family even if you are getting burned. Hmm I think you should have taken Wes' advice. You can't say he didn't warn you. Just think ~ you got to spend the whole day just watching Keanna play. What more can you ask for?

    About those illusive whales ~ we went on a cruise one time and one of the side trips was a whale watch trip. The other couple in our group wanted to go so badly, but decided not to spend the money. That evening just outside our window we had a couple of whales give us a great show! So, in time they come to you.

    I'm glad Jason and Jo ended up having an even better room with an early check in. I wonder what exotic excursion their luggage took? I hope it catches up with them soon! Traveling with baby is not fun without luggage. Soon you will join them and make new memories. Yes, there will be plenty of good memories from the past around also. It's the good memories that help give strength and healing.

    We love you Tim ~ Have another good day in Paradise! Be good to yourself ~ maybe stay out of the sun today???

    Love and continued prayers ~ Carol

  • At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning (a little late)

    I'm glad to hear Nikki got to see her whales. I'm also thrilled to hear Jo, Jason and Timothy made it.

    Weather here is about 35 with sunshine. I feel right at home in Rhode Island now because the cold is what I'm use to.

    Am glad you made a resolution to get healthy. I miss the evening talks and watching the tv.

    Things here are great, Christmas was nice with friends and family around. Got to see people who I hadn't seen for a while.

    Enjoy your time with kids. Tell everyone I said Hi.

    Love Auntie Marilyn


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