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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Kona

Dear Family and Friends,
Its warm, it beautiful and it is appreciated very much. Thanks to the generosity of Steve Ahn I am here with Steve, Nikki and Keanna. We have had a good day with Christmas this morning, Keanna opening gifts and playing with her dolls, one even eats, drinks and fills a diaper. Great gift! What next.... Then after a wonderful breakfast we went to the beach and Steve found green turtles for Keanna to see. They explored, snorkeled and enjoyed. Later we came back to the condo and after naps headed out to find dinner. Well this place is pretty quiet in the evening, especially if the evening is Christmas day. Finally we found a Dennys who promised a long wait but we decided to stick it out and it was not so bad, the fun thing is, this Denny's has a direct view of the ocean, amazing. Food was good and then back home. Now Steve is watching a christmas gift, the simpsons movie. And I am so sleepy.
We've all had moments today of vivid memories of Nan in this place. She loved everything about it and that will not change ever. However we are functioning pretty well.
It has been fun to speak to some of you today to see how you are enjoying your Christmas. Cell service is perfect here and so is the internet so we've also enjoyed reading all the messages from friends and family.
We are relieved to hear that Barbie is doing better after taking a nasty fall going into church on Sabbath Morning. She spent time in the ER and is now home and functioning well. She had 21 people there today for lunch and Gerry has been wonderful in helping around the house.
Merry Christmas to all.


steve and nikki and keanna and pappa


  • At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim, We were laughing that you went to Denny's Christmas day. We had Christmas the evening before so left for Lake Tahoe on Christmas Day. NOTHING is open to eat: Bradshaws, Mimis, Spagetti Factory, Strings, Subway, BurgerKing, McDonalds....then finally in Placerville found Denney's open. We waited 20 minutes to be seated, and 40 minutes for our order to come. By then, it was sure good!!
    We are home in Tracy again tonight and it is even cold here, low 40's and going lower tonight. Enjoy your balmy breeze. We are envious!! Love, Yvonne & George

  • At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would have gone to Denny's with you and the Miller family but I had an IHOP gift card so I went there instead.

    News flash! I just discovered what they are using on Keanna's doll. You know, on that fill the diaper part. Do you remember back in the 80's when country was really big. They use to sale cow deposits in little baggies to city slickers. They put this stuff in the seams of their boots so they could be more realistic cowboys. Well that phase came and went. Now there must have been a lot of those little baggies let over waiting for some dolls in need. Just like Keanna's. Just another example of American salesmansip! Where are those Eskimo refrigerators any way.

    Are you toast yet, or are you just eating and sleeping? Or just sleeping and eating?

    We miss you and are happy that you are having a good time!


  • At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim, Denny's must have made big bucks on Christmas Day since no other restaurants were open and people wanted to eat! We had a great Christmas Day and ended up with 30 coming over to our place. I just sat in my wheel chair and let everyone else do the last minute fixing of the food stuff. Too many cookies were left over so I bagged them up for the freezer and will take them to the next potluck at church. Mike and Sandie spent some of their Christmas day out whale watching on a whale watch boat. They can even see some whales from shore. We are so cold here and you tell of Steve and Nikki going snorkeling and Mike said Sandie was out at the pool yesterday. These Hawaii people have it made! I know you are enjoying your days there so soak up some sun because when you get home it will be cold.
    Love, Barbie


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