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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Timothy has a new sitter

Dear Family and Friends,
Its about 10 pm Hawaii time, the breezes are blowing through my room and its cool and comfortable. This has been a really enjoyable day for me. I finally got to care for Timothy. In contrast to other days here in Kauai this morning started with sunshine. Jason and Jo picked me up and we found a local place for breakfast. It was good food. then we headed to the Blow Hole. We enjoyed watching the ocean come blasting up through the hole in the rock. Then Jason had selected a nice beach nearby and we landed there. I watched Timothy while Jason and Jo went snorkeling. When they came back to the shaded place where we were they called and found a boat for the afternoon to see the back side of Kauai where all the beautiful waterfalls, beaches, valleys exist. So they dropped me off to the hotel room and raced back to the launching splace on the west side of the island. Timothy and I settled in. Jason had said that if he cried he either needed food, diaper or rest. After he ate he fell asleep but an hour later he woke up. Then nothing I could do would calm him down. He cried for over a hour and I tried everything, finally he fell asleep and he slept until they got back at 7 pm. They had a great day and enjoyed taking dozens of photos. The photos were very good.
Jason and Jo brought me Taco Bell and when Timothy woke up he was happy to see his parents. What a cute little guy and so sweet. So I've enjoyed the kind of day I have dreamed of, I've got to care for Keanna and now Timothy. This being a grandparent is a good experience. Very rewarding.
Jason says tomorrow I am to get into the ocean. Not my favorite thing to do but I'll humor him.

So I big you a nice evening and I wish you were here in this place where a cool night is 65 degrees. It is so beautiful and relaxing.




  • At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I am very happpy to read that your holiday is going so well. Yes the grandparent gig has many pluses. It is about seeing how many times you can be there to participate. You seem to be on the A+ track. I noted your comment about Tim the little being cute and sweet on a day where he reportedly cried for and hour even after the big 3 had been done, eat/oil change/sleep. It would seem that you have rightly discovered that if the big 3 are covered there is only singing practice, not crying. Part of the infant exercise program. Note how flushed they get when they do this exercise. A good cardivascular event as well. Way to go grandpa!

    Hope you get to reap the benefits of the one good side effect of your high gravitational standard. You will not have to work very hard to stay up in the water. With your internal water wings you will be able to float effortlessly for hours. Be carful you can fall asleep while in this very compfortable situation and possibly suffer the dreaded lobster effect!




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