Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

With loving friends Nan makes it through the day....

Dear Family and Friends,

It is now about 10 pm on Saturday evening. Marilyn and I are sitting here near Nan's bed where she is sleeping deeply right now. She has had a huge day with love and encouragement from family and friends.
We rose early as Nan was having trouble breathing. I did what I could to help, covered her up again as she had thrown off her covers. I shut the slider to outside as it was plenty cold and started the miller heater, what a blessing that has turned out to be. While I was still under my warm blanket Sharon came down and made us both hot drinks. We both took turns holding Nan's hand and keeping her covered. Dana came down ready to leave for Sacramento to pick up Jan. That trip went well and they were back soon. Sharon had the kitchen sparkling when it was time to have lunch. Dana made haystacks which were great eating.

During the day we all took turns sitting with Nan, holding her hands, loving her and trying to help her feel OK. Jan was very excited to be here and spent hours with her. In the afternoon Dana and Jan headed out to locate a small noble fir to decorate. They returned with a beautiful little tree and then decorated it perfectly. Now it shines and shimmers on the brick area just in front of the wood stove. Nan can see it from her bed.

During the afternoon Bob and Carrol came to visit and spent quality time with Nan. What encouragement they brought. Later in the afternoon Dr. Steve Ahn came and amazingly was able to bring more of the special jell material that Terry and Marilyn use to cure the leaking. He felt it was meant to be. Steve was able to spend some quality time with Nan speaking quietly to her and reminding her of the many prayers that are given for her. He was also very encouraging to me as a caregiver. I deeply appreciate his coming to visit. He and Sylvia have been wonderful friends for many many years and have been a huge help to us over the past few months.

This afternoon the house was bursting with love and effection as family and friends supported Nan and each other. We each have taken our turns having quiet talks with Nan and explaining our love for her and our desire that she feel comfortable to let go when she feels it is right.

I've been thinking of something today. Would you go with me for a minute here, think for just a minute that you or your spouse was in Nan's place right now. Have you thought about it? Placed someone in your mind in this very sad situation? Now of course realize that it is not true and take a moment to treasure the health, the good fortune you have every day. Love the one God has placed in your life with your whole heart.

We thank God for this day, another day with Nan, family and friends. This evening Nan is having trouble breathing with each breath being sort of noisy. It may be a long night for us.

Please pray for Nan this evening or when you read this, that God will be in control according to His Divine plan.

This afternoon Nan reached for me and then lifted her head for a kiss. It was a precious moment that I'll never forget. It has been clear to me today that she enjoys my company a lot. What a blessing to have these moments together at this time.

Now its time for TPN and some rest if possible. thank you for your love, prayers, concerns, calls and support.


tim and nan and jan and marilyn and dana and sharon


  • At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeeha! Thought all your girl friends in the house would like that. Isn't Marilyn from southern RI?

    We did enjoy your message written in the blog and yes we do need to appreciate that love you mentioned. We have witnessed it every day as we have followed your's and Nan's journey. You model well my friend.

    George brought his cousin from Alabama to church today. Lucky for them I was there. She was having to get by on her good looks till I showed up to translate for her. After that things went pretty well.

    Glad to hear that the love is full and overflowing at your house. Also fun to the see the pictures of the happy participants.

    Since you can never have too much love, Wes and Nan send some more love your way!

  • At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello from Lodi,

    We again had a safe ride Home from Discovery Bay Yesterday afternoon. Lots of traffic as always but no problems.

    We were so glad to be part of the Love & Caring that was so evident at Your Home Yesterday.

    It was so good to See Jan , Dana, Marilyn & To finally meet in person, Sharon. You have a wonderful wealth of love & support around Your Family.

    Carrol was convinced that Her time with Nan was understood & shared by Nan. As a Nurse & a fellow Cancer victim She has a special touch with those who suffer.

    Much Love & Continued Prayers for You & Your Family.

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 1:56 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Ya'll,

    Just want you to know I'm holding you close today in thought and prayer as you continue your vigil with Nan. It is a difficult yet sweet time in the circle of life. Our time on this earth is short compared to the life we will have in eternity with our Lord.

    May God continue to send his ministering angels to hold you up during this difficult time.

    Love ~ Carol


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