Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Dear Friends and Family,
We managed last night pretty well with only a few times of being up for meds, to empty bags, and to deal with pain. I went to our bed upstairs while nan slept in the family room. I placed the baby monitor next to her and turned my end up high so I could hear her breath or any movement. So I was able to hear anything that happened. I came down several times to help her. Then this morning I went to Tracy with Keanna and Nikki to Sabbath School. On our way back Dana called to say Nan was having a fit of shivering and shaking and by the time I got home she had a fever of 102.9. at the same moment I arrived Terry our nurse arrived to show me how to do the antibiotics. But when we got to Nan we found a big problem. Her urine bags were extremely tight and her colostomy bag had failed and broken. One urine bag also had leaked all over the bed. Terry took charge and gave Dana and me orders and we worked together and in a few minutes she was clean, had new linen, new gown, pain meds, antibiotics and was sleeping peacefully. Each hour the temperature came down about 1 degree until she was back to normal. She has been pretty much asleep every since with time to wake to see keanna and Nikki and to eat dinner. We have been watching the bags very carefully and dumped many times. It appears that the fluids in her tissues are beginning to drain out, we certainly hope so as her feet are in great pain from the extra fluid. If the hospital staff could see what they caused by the extra fluids in.
Dana has cooked up some seriously good food today and I'm stuffed to the walls. Mostly today while Nan slept in her hospital bed I slept in the chair nearby. And now I am looking forward to bed earlier tonight to rest up. I still don't feel well with limited dizzy spells whenever I bend forward. I hope it gets better soon.

Please pray that God will give Nan a night without fevers and that she can get stronger and more awake at least part of the time.

Our life is pretty challenging right now and I'm comforted by the calls I have received. nan even spoke to a couple people on the phone in between times of sleeping.

What will tomorrow bring? More hospital time?

So we send our love,

Tim and Nan and Dana

Home again

Dear Family and Friends, Fellow Gisters and others,
We are home again. Nan is resting in her rented hospital bed in the family room after a quiet relaxing evening. When we got home Dana had proceeded us by hours which I will explain later and had some nachos and cheese ready. While Nan walked in from the car it was with a great deal of effort. Once again the good doctors have managed to add many pounds of fluid to her tissues. We don't know how much yet but it can be seen in her right thigh, both feet and upper body. We had just got back to normal body weight when this most recent stay at the hospital required large amount of fluid due to her blood having some Staph infection and also her kidneys. We both urged caution regarding fluids but we were pretty much not heard and the doctors said, anything we put on we can take off, well they put it on but didn't stop to take it off so we will start on lasix in the morning, a bit at a time, not too fast or we push the creatines up again. Nan is very weak and says she hurts all over with several spots showing what looks like bruising. Perhaps its the Sprycel reaction.
The process of leaving a hospital always seems to take hours and today was no exception. As I drove from Tracy where I had seen a house I spoke several times on the phone with Nan and others and being released was already in the works then. I first went to the doctors office because Dr. Kinkapati wanted to give me prescriptions for Nan. When I spoke to the pharmacist at Critical Care I told her we liked liquid dialautid best but Longs could no longer get it. She said to try other places so I started calling as I drove. Walgreens in Brentwood did not have it but said they thought Antioch had a bottle so I called them and yes they had one bottle so then I called the doctors office and told them we had found a bottle and would they write the prescription so I could get it. Dr. K wrote all the prescriptions we needed, a bottle of dilautid, a bottle of oxycontin 40 mg and another of 20 mg since Nan is now taking 60 in the morning and 60 in the evening to manage the increased pain due to tumor growth.
As we were preparing to leave the hospital finally and the nurse was flushing the picc line the one they had repaired came loose again. For awhile it looked like Nan would have to stay the night but they called someone over from Intensive Care who was knowledgable and repaired the line again but of course by then it was nearly 7 pm. We had to stop and get a coke icee and then find the drug store in Antioch and then wait while they prepared everything and then find a credit card that had space for the charges. So we did not get home very early. Moving in and out of the car is very difficult for Nan but she did it with no small amount of pain. She got up the steps from the garage to the house and to her chair where she resided for awhile. Then to the bed to settle in. At 8:30 on the dot she remembered Sprycel and took her 3rd pill. I got busy and prepared the TPN, some adavan for pain and then settled down for some nice time with Dana and Nan. Then Dana headed to bed, she is tired having been with nan all day long.
I think I will bring my breathing machine down here tonight and sleep in the chair so I can be near to Nan. She didn't want to make the trip up this evening being so tired and sore. The hospital has responded to her needs and are sending physical therapy out to our house to work with her to get her back on her feet again, also someone to give her a bath and help her along with the wound care nurse and our regular Terry who takes blood and directs me in preparing antibiotics, TPN and such.

The increased tumor growth has really caused lots of additional pain which hits hard and then gets better. Sometimes she can manage it by just moving about but other times it is just to intense.

This evening we were happy to hear from both Nikki and Jason. Unfortunately when Jason called I was in the process of moving mom from her chair to the bed and we hardly got a chance to talk. Nikki called and we decided to got to Sabbath School tomorrow with Keanna. Bob and Carrol are feeling well enough to come for a short visit. nan can only handle short times of being awake now and then drifts back to sleep although each day she seems to be more alert again.

Right now I can hear a medivac helicopter over head here to pick up someone that is ill or been hurt. Anything medical really gets my attention now since we have been through so much. The helicopter seems to be circling our area and is really loud.

We are all relieved to have Nan home again and hope she can enjoy some quality time with Dana in the next few days since Dana flys home on the 4th to have her other hand done. We have certainly appreciated Dana being here and helping so much with Nan's care. There is noone in the world like Dana and she takes care of so much.

Well once again it is time to rest. I enjoyed the many messages to the blog today and it was great to hear from fellow GISTers as well. We read every word and appreciate the time and effort it takes to log in a message.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a pill or two they are about $80 a piece which means $160 a day. You can give to Nan's recovery fund through the Tracy SDA Church and can count it as a donation. I can supply the address of the church in a future blog. Somehow we have to keep Nan on the medication until we get the AMN from Novartis on compassionate basis. We hope and pray that the Sprycel will have an effect on the tumor growth. We should know soon.

Please keep our brave Nan in your prayers, she needs strength, courage, healing, faith and hope.


tim and nan and dana

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moved to a new room at John Muir Hospital, Concord Campus, A3124

Hi Out There,
We are settling into a nice new room on the 3rd floor, the oncology floor where we should have been brought in the first place. Its ironic because there is pretty much concensus that Nan will be going home tomorrow afternoon. In a few minutes we start the Sprycel. Someone replied to the blog re: the compassionate use of AMN107. We believe the facts to be this, if you are going into a trial then you cannot have used anything but Gleevec and Sutent and failed both, but Nan would not qualify for the trial since her creatins are 2.8 and the upper limit is 2, also she has been on the IPI 504 trial and has had Rapamune, all of these mean the trial would be out of the question. However it is our understanding that the rules for compassionate use are much more relaxed than for the trial. On that basis we are proceeding with the first Sprycel pill this evening. The oncologist who visited today said that Sprycel is like Gleevec on steriods so we are at least hoping and praying for some relief from it. Dr. Melynk sent word today with Dr. Shoba that Novartis has already responded and requested additional information. Dr. Melynk was working on getting it together to reply to them. All of this is good news.

Our new room has a full bed for guests, lots of room and is very comfortable. We have a nurse that was with us before and we even included a picture of her and Nan about 7 weeks ago. She is young, full of energy, sings while she works and we just love her. What a privilege to get to have her again. Nan is getting her pills, oxycontin is now 60 mg in the morning and evening, they have a new medicine that replaces Acephix since that conflicts with the Sprycel, her TPN is in place and she is settling in for the night.

I ran over to SF this evening to shoot some comp photos and managed to get back just as they were moving her from the 4th to the 3rd floors, They used an entire hospital bed to hold all our things, computer, table, recliner, nans bag, computer bag and lots of other smaller things. I now have the room set up for office and visitors to be by Nan. As doctors came in today they discussed various things, Peter Benstock from infectious diseases mentioned that some of the tumor growth he saw in the CT scan appears to be necrotic, centers filled with fluid and sort of dying. He is wondering if the infection could be caused by escaping fluids from the tumors. It is his impression that Nan can go home with antibiotics to follow, then Dr. Shoba was also of the opinion that Nan might be able to go home tomorrow and the kidney doctor also thought she could probably head home. The exist planner came by to start the process as well. So there is a strong possiblity that Nan will be heading home tomorrow. She was put on full diet today and we helped that along with food from the Spaghetti Factory where Dana and I had lunch. She has had almost no nausea since being here and the fever was only with us for the first day.

Well Nan just took the first Sprycel. We had a brief prayer over the bottle before she took the pill asking God to be in control and to cause healing to take place. We are grateful to all those who have helped Nan be able to obtain Sprycel, that includes Dr. Melynk, Dr. Morgan and Travis. We are also thankful that the kidney doctor was sharp and noticed the conflict with anti acids.

Dana has been here most of the day and is feeling better again. She went grocery shopping on her way home and I'm promised Okra and potatoes when I get home, yea! I continue to be dizzy when I put my head down but can drive without a problem. I'm just not well yet and have a few pills left to take.

Per the message to the blog, Bob and Carrol are back safely from Lake Tahoe and their sad report about the fire is alarming, Tahoe is such a beautiful area and to think of it damaged and so many people out of their homes, well it is heart breaking. I have done a couple appraisals on homes in the very area that was burned and it was an area filled with trees, rolling hills and quiet.

Nan is much better this evening, her voice is no longer slurred, her thinking is clear and concise, her appetite is good and her outlook is more positive. She is happy to be on the 3rd floor and she thinks this bed is more comfortable than her prior one, all good things. We are glad that her care has been good and that once again the doctors and nurses have helped her get back on her feet.

I enjoyed reading the blog messages today, Wes always has a clever message which makes me smile in the morning when I read, we appreciate the positive encouragement from everyone and let me tell you it does make a difference to us. Human support is a wonderful manifestation of God's care. Irene is a great example of that and we thank her for coming yesterday. Nan continues to enjoy her little doggie that breathes thanks to Pam Whitted. Everyone thinks it is so cute and Nan really loves it as it reminds her of a little dog at home that is waiting for her return.

So tonight we once again ask for your prayers, prayers that Sprycel will work, prayers that God will cause Nan to recover and protect her from infections. Prayers that Nan will feel better, have more hope and be able to enjoy the arrival of Timothy and the wonderful medicine called Keanna.

We send our love,

tim and nan and dana

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday evening - progress

Dear Family and Friends,

Irene came to visit today and I did not think to get a photo. She was a most welcome guest and Nan loved having her this afternoon. She brought flowers, gifts and her lovely smile. She even thought of Jo with a special box of cookies from Singapore where she just visited. She brought some lovely yellow Iris flowers just starting to bloom out. She also brought a patriotic arrangement of carnations. in a red white and blue little pot. She told us all about her wonderful trip and brought a lot of cheer to the room.

Dana came over this morning and was with Nan for hours. She knew I was coming so went about her business ending up at home to rest and watch some DVDs. She is feeling much better today having recovered from something she ate. She surprised me with oatmeal for breakfast and some delicious dark toast that is about as big as the sink, huge slices.

I tried to accomplish as much as I could this morning at my desk and filled out several pages and faxed them away to a company that could send us some orders. All I wanted to do was leave and be with Nan, not push paper but paper pays some of the bills. We have such sweet clients who are as understanding as they can be yet still need their appraisal orders completed.

This morning I checked with Dr. Morgan about when we could start the new expensive medicine, Sprycel. He emailed back to tell us that we could start Sprycel immediatelly as it has no conflict with antibiotics. So I then called Dr. Ganey, oncologist and also talked to Dr. Benstock, infectious disease doctor about when to start. Dr. Ganey said we could start tonight. Later Dr. Wrone, kidney doctor came in and we went over the details about Sprycel. I mentioned the conflict with antiacids, Aciphex can cut the effect of Sprycel by 50%. She discovered that the TPN bag has Pepcid in it. She is writing new orders removing the pepcid from the TPN for tomorrow night. Then about 10 hours later we can start the first Sprycel pill.

Nan has had a much better afternoon and having Irene here to chit chat about the trip and about GIST and stuff has kept her awake and the most lucid I have seen her be since Friday. This evening the doctors are raising the level of her oxycontin to 60 mg in an effort to control the pain in an orderly way instead of relying on breakout meds during the day. These tend to put her to sleep and keep her from being mentally sharp. There appears to be progress on battling the infection and so far Nan is not suffering from too much extra fluid in her tissues.

Dr. Ganey did tell me the results of the CTscan today. He said there has been significant growth in the tumors since April. That was not good news but also not a real surprise. It means that finding something to deal with these nasty tumors is very important and we hope and pray that Sprycel will help. I am in hopes that we an locate pill partners who might be willing to sponsor a pill or two, they are $80 each and we have purchased a weeks worth already and have them on hand ready to start.

I continue to be able to work but am constantly slightly dizzy and certain moves really bring on the spinning world. Nan is beginning to drop off to sleep. She has been awake a lot today and will sleep very well tonight, at least I hope so. We continue to hold onto hope and really appreciate you being involved with us. We know you have busy lives and we appreciate the minutes you share with us in prayers, calls and kind helpful encouraging words.

We now sign off for the evening, Nan to go to sleep and for me an hour trip home, fall into bed and try to sleep. We believe God is in control but we find it hard to understand the hows and whys.
Please keep Nan in your prayers. At this moment Irene has called letting us know she is home safely. What a total blessing she is.


tim and nan and dana

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Cross says no!

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening Nan and I are kicking back here in the room. When I opened my emails I had one from Dr. Morgan.

Tim, I did speak to a lovely physician from Anthem Blue Cross, one of 100 medical directors for 35,000,000 patients, as he put it. He denied my request since I do not have two peer reviewed publications supporting the use of dasatinib. He asked that you look at Erin's insurance card, and dial the 1-800 medical appeal number on the back of the card to initiate an appeal to a medical oncology specialty reviewer, who, incidentally, is also payed by Anthem Blue Cross.

So guess what I will be doing in the morning. I find it hard to believe that the Doctor would turn down a medicine that Nan needs so much. The tumors are growing daily and we need something and soon. Dr. Morgan sure tried and we really appreciate that a lot.

Nan has had a sleepy day with times of alertness and times of deep sleep. Dana was not able to come in at all, she is ill and needs to stay close to home right now.

My friends Art and Connie are just getting home from their road trip this evening and our friends the Millers do not think that the fire has effected their Tahoe home, good news.

Pam came this evening for a short visit and brought the cutest little pug doggie which actually moves as it sleeps. I have included a photo of the two of them enjoying one another.

We are dealing with a catch 22 situation now. When Nan is fully awake she she hurts terribly and when the pain meds are given then she becomes a bit less lucid and mainly sleeps. She wants to be with people yet can't take the pain. AMN is very important right now but is weeks away I think. As soon as they let us we will try the Sprycel we have already purchased, you know the one with the bargain price tag of $80 a pill.

So my friends another day has passed with no fevers, good blood pressures, excellent heart rate of 83, lowest I have ever seen in the past 2 years.

Nan needs your most powerful prayers, somthing must be done about the growing tumors and there is no plan at this point. Only God can guide and help right now.

Please keep Nan in your prayers as you go about your day, call her when you can.

I'm heading home, very tired, still dizzy, need sleep.


tim and nan and dana

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nan is being transfused as I write...

Dear Family and Friends,

Its 11:30 and I'm just in from the hospital. Nan just called on the cell which was such a treat. Having her call is an indicator that she is becoming more alert. This evening she has just received steroids and is starting to get the first unit of blood. Our nurses this evening are incredibly wonderful and caring. They stopped to talk and share how much they appreciate what a sweet and brave patient Nan is. They happen to be right.

Dana was so sweet and left early this morning to spend the entire day with Nan. She said Nan slept most of the day but when she arrived this morning she found Nan in the recliner and people were changing the bed and giving Nan a bath. Nan had had a fairly good night but everyone continues to be concerned about her low blood pressure. So they are still giving her fluids to try to raise the pressure at least a bit. They would not let her walk today as they felt with the low hemoglobin of 8 and blood pressure low even for her she was at too much of risk to walk so I relented. I arrived at 5 after spending a day jamming work out and taking care of business. Nan called several times and it was obvious that she was having a tough day with bouts of intense pain. She was somewhat disoriented also. After I arrived she slept a bit was mostly awake and as the evening progressed she was more and more animated. Jason called and they talked awhile, she was smiling as she talked to him. they are in a holding pattern just waiting for Timothy to arrive and doing well. Sharon called and they talked for awhile. Sharon was in her yard doing something akin to yard work, that is no small task as she has a huge yard in the front and back of the house. She mentioned a bird which Nan carefully wrote the name down on a cup on her stand. It is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Nan wanted to save the name for our bird watching friends especially Sylvia and Fern. It was fun to watch her carefully write the name down on the cup letter by letter and she did well with it.
When Nan called me midday it was to tell me that the doctors wanted to put her into intensive care unit. That shocked me and I was disturbed all afternoon. To me it signified that her condition had worsened and I knew that visitors are only allowed for a few minutes each hour yet I know how much Nan depends on me and Dana for her care. Then I heard her on the phone with Jason explaining that even though she is currently on the cardiac ward they are trying to find a bed on the oncology ward where we usually go. They took her heart monitor off since nothing unusual was showing up and right now she is stuck on the wrong ward requiring her oncology doctors to go out of there way to see her instead of where they normally visit.
By morning we should start to get results from the cultures about the nature of the infection. However we have now gone 24 hours without fevers. When we returned from Mexico it took 8 days before the fevers stopped so we are ahead of the game I think. We are anxious to get the fevers managed so we can start the new drug Sprycel to see if we can get a control on the tumor growth. This evening at 6 I had a call from the oncologist office but I missed the call, perhaps it is news regarding the insurance company picking up the tab for the new drug. I also received an email from Boston saying that they had a call in to the doctor at Blue Cross and had not heard back yet. Now that is real help, Busy Dr. Morgan taking time to talk to Blue Cross for his patient who lives in California. Wow, that helps a lot.

Nan is recovering from some pretty strong infection or infections in her body. For 6 weeks she was able to resist them but they finally came back. She sleeps a lot due to pain meds and the infections but loves to have phone calls on her cell.

Dana has been a wonderful help as she talks, gossips and passes the hours together with her. What a blessing she is and we deeply appreciate her coming and being here. Her hand is almost recovered and she is down to one last stitch since she is removing them herself, not something I think I would do but of course this is Dana.

Tonight I thank you for being our friend and for your prayers for Nan. She is doing her best to be up and about for baby Timothy's arrival. She is doing her best to be brave and recover. God have our family a very special person in Nan, there is no one else like her and I melt every time I get to see her baby blues again. Wow, what a lady!

Thanks for your kind messages and helpful thoughts and encouragement. I am feeling a little better but still battle with dizziness most of the time. Tomorrow I go to Oakland, Rohnert Park and then back to be with Nan for the evening. I'll be there early in the morning so i can meet the doctors (I hope) and leave her about 1 or so. We hope to see Irene one of these days, we miss her and Jan, call again, she is sorry she missed your call.

We have been watching the news and have not heard yet if our friends George and Yvonne Miller's place is safe. It is located near the fire that is burning at Tahoe. How tragic that so many would lose everything.

How we all need the Lord, His protection, His guidance, His healing, His ways....


tim and nan and dana

Monday morning-looking for a blessed week

Dear Ones,

I forgot to include these photos of Keanna in last nights blog. We had such a wonderful time with she and Nikki when they visited mom at the hospital. These are taken as she was leaving by my trusty little beetle car. This girl sure knows how to smile for the camera.

Dana has already left to be with nan, I am cranking out some work first and then heading over myself. I slept from 11 to 7 last night, felt like a luxury, didn't move, didn't even dream. I have not heard from Nan yet but our rule is I am to let her sleep until she calls me so I'm trusting she had a good night. Her nurse last night seemed really good and kind too. I'll give them today to keep pouring fluids in and then I'll raise the over hydration issues until I'm heard. It takes weeks to get the extra fluid off and is dangerous too. Nan begged for and got the privilege of drinking her precious ice water with Dr. Melynk. Otherwise she is NPO right now due to possible blockage they think they saw on the CT scan. Thank God for TPN to keep her nutrition going well.

Hope your day is going well. Sure thankful for Dana and Irene wrote this morning reminding us that she is willing to come visit Nan as well. She is so special and a powerful prayer warrior too. If one could think of our friends and family as a team then our team is really diverse and deep. While we don't deserve such a host of support we certainly appreciate it and thank God for our human wall of caring.


tim and nan and dana

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A day of recovery

Dear Friends and Family,
Since I last wrote this morning Nan has begun to improve. Her condition has been aided by several kinds of antibiotics which are broad spectrum. She had a rough morning, two different colostomy bags failed and the antics of the nurses trying to be clever were too much. nan finally told them to just watch as she did her bag correctly. When I left her a few minutes ago no afternoon fever came to call and she had two blankets on and was just comfortable. I'm praying that she will make it through the night without fever but it might be too soon for that to happen. By tomorrow evening the blood cultures will show if there is infection in the blood.

I went to bed this morning at 7:10 and kept the phone nearby. I was delighted to hear first from Jason at around 8, then my sister Sibyl from Ohio and then Art from Yellowstone National Park. At 8:30 I got up and showered and prepared for an appointment. I worked for a few hours and then loaded up to go back to see Nan. Before I attempted to drive back I sat in her chair and allowed myself a brief nap. I made a deposit, shot photos in the Bay, delivered work to Jean my writer and arrived at Nan's room around 3:45. Dana had been with nan all day long and Nikki and Keanna surprised us all with a visit. Nan became very antimated and enjoyed Keanna's visit. Keanna had a new princess phone from the Disney Store and enjoyed taking photos, taking calls and playing. When Nikki and Keanna left to go eat I walked them out planning to go to Oakland to shoot photos but instead decided to go eat with them. Great decision, loved the food, loved the company. Keanna ate a full plate of food designed for an adult. Then they went their way and I went back to see Nan and Dana. Dana was getting ready to leave to go home to rest and Nan was ready to sleep as well so I then headed to Oakland to take photos. That went well and then back to the hospital for a short last visit for the night. Nan was ready to go to sleep and her male nurse was on the ball this afternoon and evening. Got all her meds figured out and was very helpful. When I left tonight Nan had better skin tone, was talking more normal and was fully aware of what was going on. She is much better than 24 hours ago.

We thank God for His strange leading and for the events of this day.

We love you all, please pray for Nan's various health issues, that His will will be done.


tim and nan and dana

In ER for 10 hours, Nan resting quietly now

Dear Ones,
I just stumbled in the door of our house at 6:45. We left last night for the hospital at 6:30. I have never seen more wasting of time in my life than last night. Dr. Melynk said he would call the hospital when I spoke to him as we were driving there. But we had to go through ER and they cover every base known to man, Nan had Xrays, EKGs, CTscans, blood work, more blood work. As the night wore on she was in terrible pain, the worst I have ever seen her in and she was only given a tiny bit of dilautid, 1/4 of her usual dosage the last time we were at the hospital. It did not touch the pain and she was begging for something to help the pain and finally they came with a tiny bit more, an hour later. We urged them to consider giving Adavan and the nurse said it was in the orders but it took two hours before Nan finally got Adavan and immediatelly went to sleep. At 3 this morning she began to shiver and shake, her heart rate began to climb and soon she had a high fever again. I asked them to give her tylenol and they finally did after waking our doctor up yet once again to get his OK. The because her heart rate went up during the fever the put her on the cardiac floor of the hospital. Last time she was on the oncology ward and that was great. What a night, we would wait sometimes up to 2 hours between seeing anyone. Fortunately we had a room to ourselves but Nan had a gurney and I had a metal chair. We had to suggest ice packs when her fever went up, we suggested the tylenol. Needless to say I am a bit out of sorts right now. Karen Cress happened to be up and I thought of her, perhaps God put it in my mind to call her and she was as always a great friend and counselor and kept me awake as I drove the 40 minutes home. I felt really awful leaving Nan at the hospital. She is not very lucid at the moment and is in a room that is far from the nursing station again. When I left they were pumping IV fluid into her at a rate of 125 an hour, I begged them to slow it down but they said they would ask the doctor when he came for rounds. I had to remind them that Nan has a resting heart rate of 110 and always has low blood pressure and we both kept reminding them that the reason we were there was high fevers and locating the infections that are causing them and getting the right antibiotics to control the bugs. They did start some antibiotics which cover lots of infections, of course we reminded them that Nan's kidney work at a 16% rate so watch what antibiotics they use.
As I prepared to leave her room I noticed her colostomy bag had come off so I stayed and taught the nurse how to change them, she was very nice and thanked me.
Now my dilema is this, I have a 10 am appointment here in the bay to see a house and many appraisals are to be delivered tomorrow morning, yet all I want to be is with Nan. Hopefully Dana will be able to spend the day with her until I can get back later today. I don't really want Nan alone at this point and I feel like a jerk being here and she there right this minute. The nurse told me, don't worry because we check on her every hour, like that is supposed to comfort me, every hour!
Well I'm heading to bed for a short nap. Thanks for listening. Think twice before going to an ER unless you need to. In the past the doctor has called ahead and we just walked in and went to the floor to the bed assigned. Not this time.

I need to remind myself that God is in control. I am having some trouble keeping it all together right now as I am still dizzy and pretty wasted at this point, jet lagged but I did not go anywhere on a jet.

Thanks for being there,



Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hospital bound

Dear Family and Friends,
nan and I are leaving in a few minutes for the hospital. This time in the afternoon the fever hits and then again at 3 am in the morning. We need to know where the infection is and get it dealt with.

I'll try to blog later but not sure how long it will take to get through ER and to a room.

Please pray for God's guidance and watch care over us.


tim and nan and dana

Friday, June 22, 2007

Midnight update for Friday June 22

Dear Family and Friends,
We did not go to the hospital after all. After I wrote on the blog we did several things, we put ice bags under her arms that we brought home from the hospital, great little devices to lower fever, we put cool clothes on her head, we took away her sheet, we added hydration, 2 bags of it and the next time we took the temperature it was 101.9, then 101.6 and now its 98.8 the last time we measured it. Nan has gone upstairs to bed in her own bed and is ready to sleep the night away. So from 103 at 6 pm, then 104.3 at 7 pm and then it started dropping to normal. We are thankful and wary of what will happen next.

We had all the things for the hospital for both of us loaded in the car. Dana scurried around and found everything she might need in the hospital and packed a bag. A few minutes ago when I took Nan up to bed I knocked on Dana's door to tell her the good news, she was elated.

Thanks for your prayers and concern for Nan.

this evening I am more dizzy than I was earlier in spite of the meds I am taking and my ears hurt badly, feel stuffed and uncomfortable. It might take a bit for the antibiotic to work on this ear infection. Fortunately I can take it easy and rest tomorrow and try to recover.

I got to speak to Art twice today. He and Connie and Liz are staying near Yosemite national park tonight. They are having a grand tour of the west and so far are safe and sound.

We are sending our love to you,

tim and nan and dana

To the hospital

Just a quick word. We are leaving for the hospital now at 9:15. Nan spiked a fever this afternoon which was 103, then 104.3 and is now 103.9. We are on our way to the Concord Hospital, Mt Diablo Hospital, Concord Campus is what it is called. Nan woke last night at 3 am and was very cold, that signals a fever is coming and sure enough it did. Dana has watched over her this afternoon.

I called the Dr. Melynk and he said to go through the emergency room so she would be looked at and evaluated immediatelly. This sort of surprises us as Nan has been feeling pretty well with increasing pain from the tumors. I'm trying to trust in God this evening for His leading. I am still dizzy and feel pretty low but this is the right thing to do for Nan.

Please keep nan in your prayers when you read this message, we just bought the Sprycel for $1,071 dollars this afternoon but can't take it now due to the fever. Insurance has still not come through for us.

I will blog more when I can, not sure if tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you friends and family for caring and we sure need you right now.


nan and tim and dana

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another rollercoaster of a day.....

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan had a pretty good night last night, only up a couple times to empty things. This morning the wound care nurse called at 8:30, said she was coming at 9 and actually did. That went fine.
I woke up very dizzy again, almost to the point I could not walk straight. This time it did not get better all day. I had to do quick research and then head to Dixon for an appraisal. I had misgivings about driving but really had no choice. This deal had been on and off about 4 times and was on again so I went. On the way I called Dr. Edwards, my friend from college days and he agreed to see me this afternoon. I drove directly there from Dixon and was seen very quickly. He prescribed some things to deal with an inner ear infection and I was on my way. Then to Longs to be told that my meds would be ready in 20 minutes but Nan's Sprycel was still being held up by "need prior authorization". While I waited I called our insurance carrier, Blue Cross. They have been so good over the past 10 years in giving Nan the care she needs. This time I was told to call back friday morning, that it was under review and nothing could be done to hasten it. I got home about 4 and went to work getting some work out that was due by end of day. At 5 the doctors office person called to tell me Blue Cross had denied Sprycel to us. I called Blue Cross and after waking through layers of people was told, patients could not talk to the Dr. who made the decision. He didn't really say no, he asked the doctor to supply two studies where Sprycel was used for GIST. I spoke to Dr. Melynk and he said he would search for such studies and I suggested Dr. Morgan at Dana Farber. At 5:30 I emailed Dr. Morgan and Travis to ask for their help with documentation. I hoped for an answer sometime on Friday. At 8:30 Boston time Dr. Morgan wrote back saying they would be happy to supply documentation to our Dr. What good news after a series of setbacks. Nan was devastated to learn about the turn down and broke into sobbing. She is feeling the effects of the growing tumors more and more each day and is coping with a lot of pain from the tumors as well. I then called Longs to see what the drug would cost us if we went ahead and purchased it. Using AAA discount the cost per month is $4,577. I went ahead and had them order the drug for a week and it will be in Brentwood tomorrow afternoon. My cost at that point will be $1,079. I just hope the AMEX works one more day as we have not received the money from the travel insurance to cover the $12,000 in medical expenses we had to pay to the ship and mexican hospital and I think the AMEX patience may be wearing a little thin. Dana was with us as this was unfolding and her big heart drove her to talk to Ronnie and she was ready to write a check for next weeks pills. I urged her to wait and we'll see what happens. She is so generous and has a huge heart but I really don't want to take her money. I believe we have a good chance with the insurance company once the doctor involved there has some proof that using this off label medicine has some evidence showing it can help. Nan and I would sure appreciate your prayers on this issue and on the whole issue of these growing tumors. Our hopes are to use Sprycel until AMN107 becomes available to us on the compassionate use. But I don't think much has been done on that front yet. Boston stands ready to help us get AMN107 quickly but we would need to travel there once a month and I'm concerned if Nan could make the trip there and back that often. She could if she can get stronger but we actually need to deal with the tumor growth before she is going to be able to get stronger.
Dana was the real entertainment director today, she left this morning and came back with several movies which they proceeded to watch filling most of the afternoon. Some were slow and some were great. Thank you Dana for your help once again. It makes the time pass more quickly.
Jason called this evening reminding us again that he is traveling in Utah representing MBA at a camp meeting and will be home this weekend. Jo is getting very ready to offload baby Timothy. She is hesitant about the pain she is facing but also excited about greeting little Timothy.
Tomorrow nan and Dana are going to venture out to get Dana's hair washed, can't get her hand that is healing wet yet. They plan to get Nan's toe nails touched up at the same time. Nan will enjoy getting out. Nikki has told us of a cancer walk that is being held this Saturday at the high school. If Nan feels up to it we plan to go there for the first round which is a survivor lap and I'll push her in her wheelchair.
Now I must go to bed. I am still dizzy, tired, sort of depressed a bit, behind in my work with the first appointment in Oakland tomorrow at 10 am with others to follow. Once again I find myself behind financially with no money in the mail today. I could easily use about $4,000 right now to get caught up with 941 deposits to the government and to cover tomorrow's payroll. I am finding the various tasks I must do every day to be very challenging and overwhelming at times. I simply place it all before God in the morning before I climb out and ask that He can use me during the day to care for Nan, do honest work for clients, somehow begin to get caught up with tax stuff, raise funds to cover a huge stack of bills, eat right, sleep right and keep a positive attitude. Sometimes I get so angry when I am driving at the littlest thing another drive might do and find myself sort of yelling and getting all worked up over nothing, my heart beats fast and I calm myself saying, is it worth a heart attack? Of course not.

Nan and I both really need your prayers and God's help. We face some pretty big challenges ahead.

So we seek your prayers and I'll keep you up to date on the Sprycel situation. I may need to ask for your help because if there is a chance that it will help Nan she will have the drug by any legal means I can find. She has battled too long and so bravely to be denied a tool she needs now.


dana, nan and tim

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dana is worth her weight in gold

Dear Family and Friends,
What a treat it is to have Dana with us. Unlike yesterday when she slept in this morning she was up and mopping the floors, sweeping, loading the dishwasher, cooking. All with one hand. Nan slept in this morning until about 9:30 and then came down. She has been downstairs the rest of the day. She and Dana have taken small naps. nan continues to wrestle with pain. Today the pharmacist at Critical Care told us on the phone that we could get Dilautid IV. That would be great since we really don't have an ideal pain med for the break out pain she is experiencing.
Once again today I battled the medical mess trying to get Nan's new cancer drug, Sprycel. Longs Drugs told me that the doctors office needed to do something so I called them and they had already done it and faxed it to the insurance. Longs knew nothing and had not ordered the drug yet and it takes a day to get it once it is ordered. When I called Blue Cross the voice tree would not let me through not recognizing our social security number. I just about lost it while I was driving. So tomorrow morning we will start again. Nothing comes easy it seems. Meanwhile the tumors grow without control of any kind.
Today I had the high privilege of enjoying produce from Keanna and Steve's garden. Huge tomatoes, new potatoes, white corn. So for lunch I had pizza buns with baked tomato and corn. This evening I had more corn and broccoli. Wow is this good stuff.
Now we are sitting in the love seat, nan is hurting and getting ready to head to bed, ready for some Adavan, TPN and rest.
I worked in until this afternoon, then drove to Benicia for a driveby appraisal of a home located on the water, then to Walnut Creek to take a look at a house where the people want an appraisal but are working on the house, then home finally. The ladies were sitting in the family room with Starr and Lady when I got home. Dana was tired and has now gone to bed, she deserves it, having accomplished so much. Our frig which is normally sort of empty is jammed full of goodies and I'm afraid I may not lose any weight this week!
I woke this morning to find I was totally dizzy, could not even stand up without holding onto something. It was a very frightening experience and eventually I became sick while trying to move around. Gradually the world stopped spinning and after a nap in my work chair I was able to resume working. I think its a wax buildup in my ears and tonight I will put in the drops to see if I can make things better. It reminded me of my own mortality once again.
This evening we appreciate your love and prayers and we sure need them.
I would just like to express our gratitude to Marilyn who left just before Dana arrived. Marilyn we really enjoyed your being with us and we thank you for your help and friendship.

So good night friends and family.


nan and tim and dana

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving through medical molassas

Dear Family and Friends,
It seems like it has been a very long time since I last blogged. In other words the past 24 hours have been busy ones. Dana continues to recover from her hand surgery and keeps getting her hand wet which is a no no. Nan changes the bandages to dry ones. This morning I got up at 7 and had an appointment at 9:30 to see a relo property out at Bethel Island, a neighboring waterfront community. When I got back Nan had come down on her own but there was no Dana. We considered checking on her since it was past noon and still no word. Turns out she had gotten up at 6 with allergies and taken some meds which gave her a few more good hours of rest. This lady works very hard at home, both at the school cafeteria but also at home caring for grandchildren and staying on top of everything. So this is her month to relax and sleep in. She made Nan a beef bacon sandwich with tomatoes, avocado and of course fried bacon. Nan loves the sandwich and seems to handle it well. Later in the afternoon she had some strawberry pie and that did not set so well and she lost it. That was depressing to her but she was able to sleep some during the day, her colostomy bags gave out twice today which is also trying on the soul.
When I was on my way home from the morning appraisal and getting diesel at Safeway my phone rang, it was Dr. Melynk. He said he had received the forms to fill out for the AMN trial and was ready to call in a prescription for Sprycel, would I be able to go by the Antioch office and pick it up? Yes of course. So on my way to Atherton which is near the SF airport I went by Antioch and pickup up the precious slip of paper. Then I called Longs to see if they had it in stock, no but they could have it by tomorrow but first, lets run it by insurance. Well that was a wall, insurance demanded a doctor consult. I called the doctors office and they told me to have Longs fax the form, Longs told me they did not have such a form but would call the Dr office with an access phone number for our insurance company which they did. That's where it ended for the day. I heard no more from anyone so once again in the morning we will pursue the precious medicine which helps 1 out of 10 GISTers with their tumors. I am praying that nan will be that 1 in 10 that gets some help. So I had to come home empty handed without the drug. Nan was in her hospital bed resting when i got home. She and Dana had a low energy day and Dana had some very good food ready when I got home at 9 pm.
On the way home I stopped by Steve and Nikki's house with files and Steve did the nicest thing. he sent precious corn, potatoes and two huge tomatoes from his own garden. I was very touched as it is a small garden and I know he does not have that much room to grow things. I intend to eat those items very carefully knowing where they came from. Steve also reported that the boat is starting and running perfectly now thanks to his work and his friends work on it.
Today was just a hard day of work for me and I'm thankful to have work. I cranked out a review, finished a relo that Jean had worked up, did research for the 1.6 million dollar home I was to see this evening and then drove about 200 miles round trip through traffic. Fortunately the angels gave me a safe and uneventful trip, the city was beautiful and this evening as I left the subject area the fog was coming over the coastal range and was cool and beautiful. I was so late coming home that there was no traffic jams at all. The GPS found every address today in an area that can be tough to figure out.
Nan continues to have increased pain. I have urged her to increase her pain meds back to a higher level where they were for awhile. That is 40 mg of oxycontin morning and evening. Our most effective pain reliever is Adavan which I gave Nan about an hour ago when she got her new TPN, fresh ice water and warm covers. Now that she is eating much more we have to be up several times during the night to empty the colostomy bag. While it is hard to wake up at times the overriding thrill of having it work again helps ease the waking trauma.
We continue to get work over the Internet, the fax and the phones. Some is far away and some is just plain tough to do but we are very grateful for the loyalty of some of our clients.
This evening my thoughts go to our friends who are traveling through Russia and nearby countries and who emailed the blog yesterday. How thrilling to hear from Sylvia and yes the lazy susan is still in order and using the things located there is much easier since your organizing work. I also hear from Art nearly every day. He and Connie with her sister Liz are traveling through the northwest, yesterday Victoria Island and now Glacier National Park is next. They are having a very good time and are enjoying all the beautiful sights and smells.
We hope to be able to go to the Lammerdings Cabin at the end of this month for at least an overnight trip in the motorhome. It is a beautiful place that we have enjoyed for years and we think Dana would enjoy it too. It will depend on how Nan is feeling.

Tonight as I wind up this epistle I want to thank each of you for caring hearts, kind words, thoughtful emails, appreciated phone calls, cards and even spending money like nan found in a card that came the other day, thank you so much. I think she is saving it for having her nails or toes done soon.

I seek your prayers in Nan's behalf. She could use more strength in her legs and back, for tumor control and shrinkage, for the leaking to stop and for a calm stomach.

Please pray for Jo as she and jason enter the final month before little Timothy makes his appearance. Moving about is getting more challenging for her and finding a place to sleep thats comfortable is almost impossible now.


tim and nan and dana

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday evening, we are fat and happy

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sitting her relaxing and watching a new episode of the Closer. The ladies have been watching reruns all day. Dana has been cooking all day and the food is wonderful. When I just got home Nikki and Keanna were here, they smelled the food at their home. Nikki was so full that she was just sitting and enjoying the moment. Keanna had just finished swimming lessons.

Nan had her normal session with Terry our nurse this morning, she drew blood and said Nan was doing well. Terry had a big day ahead but we were her first patient. She has been so helpful over the past few months and has been instrumental in guiding nan's care over and over again.

Dana has been cooking all day today and the food was great. I just finished loading the dishwasher and the last time I saw that many pans dirty was when Dana was here 2 years ago. What a privilege it is to have her with us.

Nan has had some increased back pain today in spite of her meds. We received a great email from Travis at Dana Farber with the actual forms that need to be filled out to apply to Novartis for compassionate use of AMN. I printed them out and faxed them to our doctors office asking that they forward them to him where ever he was today. In the morning I will try to catch up with him and get this process going. also see what he thinks about starting Sprycel.

Keanna painted a nice picture for her grammy which we appreciate. When I got home from doing reviews in Fairfield and Vacaville they were here having just completed eating. It is always great to see family, morning, night or whenever. Nan got to see Mary today too. She is just back from branson where she has been for a week. We love Mary and getting to see her is special.

My work is keeping me really busy and suddenly there is plenty to do again. Not that the checks are flooding the mailbox but at least we are putting money on the books. I am doing relocation reports, FHA reverse mortgage reports, some sales and a few refis as well. I rely on Loree and Jean to assist and they do a great job. Steve just about has the boat running again. Instead of taking it to a shop he took it to his friends who can do just about anything and they have it running for the season. Amazing after the neglect it experienced all winter under a tarp beside the house.

Tonight I want to thank Dana and just before Dana Marilyn for helping nan get back on her feet again. Family and friends have been wonderful in their help and kind words and prayers.

We send our love, call when you get a chance. I hear nan on the phone all the time, try after 10 am and before 10 at night. She is usually up during that 12 hour span.


tim and nan and dana

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's day becomes a wonderful family day!

Dear Family and Friends,

For all those days we have issued tense and stressful blog messages we offer this message in balance. God has blessed us with a precious weekend including today. Jason and Jo arrived last evening, Dana arrived in the afternoon and we all had a long nights sleep. Jo being in the final month of her pregnancy probably had the roughest night, away from her own bed, searching for a comfortable position. Dana went to bed about 8 and slept until about 10 this morning. She needed the rest and felt better today. Mom also slept in late not waking until about 9:45 which was great, she too needed the rest. Jason got up early and helped me with planting some new colorful flowers in the front yard, tweaked the sprinklers along the rear vegetable row. When Keanna and her mom arrived she brought her Dora Sprinkler. This cute little sprinkler twirls and sends a gentle stream of water into the air so Keanna could play under it. We kept it running most of the day watering different dry spots in the yard and the new flowers. Dana made a wonderful lunch with fresh vegetable, some vegimeat fried, genuine mashed potatos which Jason peeled, fresh Brentwood white corn, what a feast. We were working outside and could smell the wonderful aromas while we worked from the JennAir exhaust fan. Mom came down and was in the middle of all the activities. Later in the afternoon Chris and Stephanie with new little daughter came to visit. Chris was Jason's roomate in Texas and is a wonderful person. They are moving to Houston to teach next year. Late in the afternoon Jason and Jo noted the time and headed home. They called as they were nearing MBA to tell us the temperature was 58 degrees, nice! We were still 85 at that point. This afternoon Steve and Melaboo came to swim and socialize. Steve has been puttering with the boat and has it running now with new plugs, rebuilt carb and tomorrow new ignition. True to form he has it clean, gas all drained out and new gas put in. He is a working wonder and he already has Mela trained to chase the ball even if he throws it half way across the lake. She loves to swim and its hard to get her to stay out long enough to get dry to go home.

Dana tempted Nan with several different things today and she loved them all. Her colostomy seems to be working well and she is doing pretty well, had some severe pain this afternoon but we've used the pain controls we have on hand to help with the pain.

Nikki, Keanna and Steve gave me a beautiful photo of Keanna and me mounted in a frame that seems like the photo is melted into it. Its a perfect item for my desk to control flying papers and that way I get to see her smiling face over and over. Nikki is a master at picking cards and once again today found one that seemed like it was written for us, made me cry. Jason and Jo gave me a very cute card also and a gift certificate to Home Depot and a jar of planter peanuts which I love dearly. I felt like a total winner all day. I am so proud of my family and am always overwhelmed with appreciation and love for each of them and now with a second grandchild on hand the joy is just growing more and more. Keanna has grown to the point where when I am working outside she can hand me tools and be quite helpful.

Nan is resting now, has her TPN on board, has her hit of Adavan, ice water and is snuggled in for the night. She is a happy camper this evening and loved seeing the kids and getting to spend time with them. Yesterday David, Steve's younger brother was in the area and came by for awhile. It was great to see him as we enjoy him a lot, nice gentle person.

So tonight we just say a huge thanks to God for His ways and His timing, we seek His direction tomorrow as we try to get more aggressive in getting a drug for Nan to take for the tumors.

Please pray for God to open doors and close doors according to His divine plan tomorrow and for Nan's recovery to recover. We also thank Him for the family he has given us, for Dana too, for Pam yesterday.

Love from our house and from our hearts,

tim and nan and dana

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What a interesting day

Dear Friends and Family,
As i write this evening Jason and Jo are sitting next to me and Timothy is kicking up a storm, he seems ready to emerge into the real world. Jo says he is a mover and shaker!! They arrived this evening while Nikki, Steve and Keanna were here to welcome Dana from Houston. Of course Melaboo was here to swim and chase ducks. Steve's brother David was here for a short visit and it was fun to just sit around on the dock and feel the breeze.
This morning we got up and got ready to drive to Antioch to see Keanna's recital. It turned out to be a huge deal with hundreds of parents and well wishers. Keanna did a very good job and was impressive with a huge smile on her face and good moves. We all really loved the moment. Pam came from Lodi and then went to lunch with the kids. We had to leave immediatelly to drive to Sacramento to pick up Dana at the airport. She had an interesting day. Up at 4 am, then to the airport in hopes of catching a flight, made it to Phoenix where they told her she would not be able to find a flight out at all, but she did find a flight to Orange and then made the final link to Sac on a plane that had no empty seats. Dana flys on pink passes since her son works for the airline. So she has to ride standby. Price is right but sometimes it gets iffy. Today God saw fit to bring her straight through and arrive on time. She had to wait for a bit until we got there. She was so tired and had a lot of pain since she recently had surgery on her hand. After we got home she went shipping and for a look around and then came home to see the kids and then headed to a much deserved early rest.
Tonight we have the privilege of having Jason and Jo here, of Dana hear and Nan is tired by very pleased with her good day. We left here at 10:30 this morning and she did not get back to bed until about 5 pm. She rode in the bed in the back of the van and with a couple hits of Adavan she did pretty well.
Now its time to go to bed. We are tired, blessed and deeply grateful to our Heavenly Father this evening.
We send our love and our desire that your Fathers day will be special and yes Bob and Carrol we will get together soon. Seems we have not been able to hook up lately but soon we will.

Please pray that God will guide us to a solution to growing tumors and the knowledge to do the right thing.

love to all,

Nan and Tim and Jason and Jo and Timothy

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Another wonderful week has passed, wonderful not because it is perfect but because it is better than the prior week. Florence Nightingale I mean Marilyn really helped Nan so much this week and with Nan doing better I was able to give more attention to the company and our precious clients. Thanks again Marilyn.

This evening Nikki and Keanna came to see us after the 3 hour rehersal at the dance facility. Nikki brought food to prepare and Keanna went over her routines with the music. She has really learned a lot this year in the classes. So tomorrow is her recital when she gets to make her moves and have fun. We are so proud of her and enjoy her every move.

Pam is planning to come over and enjoy Keanna's big performance tomorrow. After we are through enjoying Keanna we then must think of finding Dana. She will be either at Oakland or Sacramento sometime tomorrow. We can't wait for her to get here. Dana is a hoot, a fasinating person and she is ready for a break too.

We saw the doctor today. He had prepared a summary of Nans battle with GIST as a first step in getting AMN. He asked that I contact Dr. Morgan at Dana Farber and find out more about using Sprycel for GIST since he could not find anything in literature about such use. He was generally pleased with Nan's condition, with her unswollen feet and with her blood work. When we got home I wrote an email to Travis and Dr. Morgan and amazingly Dr. M responded at 5:45 east coast time. He said Sprycel works for about 10% of patients he sees so it is a bit of a long shot. Yet until we get a chance to try AMN we do need to do something. Dr. Melynk agrees that we need to try something.

We received such nice comments today to the blog, Nan got to read comments from several days this afternoon as she was able to spend some time with her computer finally. This afternoon she also had some squash, cottage cheese and ice water. This evening we had strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and she enjoyed it very much. We've had to pump a couple times today to removed extra fluid and each time she felt better afterwards. We think the lima beans last night might have stopped things up a bit but her colostomy has continued to work today.
Steve came this afternoon and was kind enough to take the boat and begin repairs to make it work for the summer. He and his friends can do just about anything and fix it. The carb needs help, the ignition needs help and the waterpump probably needs help too. Steve can make it run well again and Johnathan, Dana's son will enjoy playing in the water behind the boat later when he arrives.
We are very very grateful this evening that Nan has once again rallied from being very ill to being stronger, fully aware, engaged in life again. We face huge challenges but we are also very thankful for the progress we have experienced this week.
We send our eternal thanks to each of you and are so appreciative that you are our family, our friends, our support system, our prayer warriors.
tim and nan

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marilyn is home safe, calm day here

Dear Family and Friends,
Thursday evening, 10 pm, Nan is in her recliner after feeling really bad after eating her dinner. She helped me make pastry shells with sauce, lima beans and topped it with cottage cheese. I think she might have eaten too much as she was feeling pretty bad for a bit. Now she seems to be feeling better but her back hurts around the nephrostomy site on her right side. The nurse worked on her nephrostomy and last time she had to come back and redo it as it hurt too much.

Nan says that after sitting in the chair she is feeling better.

She rested up today mostly waiting for the nurse to come this afternoon. All day she wondered if Marilyn had made it home. Finally they talked and Marilyn made it home after being up all night. What dedication. We really appreciate what Marilyn did for us and I think she enjoyed being here too. What fun we had. And it was really fun when Barb and Gerry came down and they all caught up with memories.

Tomorrow we go to the doctors at 11:30, come home and get Nan settled and then I drive to Dixon for a late afternoon appraisal for a purchase. In the morning I will write things here in the office for awhile, pay the house payment and then help Nan dress and we will see the doctor. Then back to leave again. Nan will rest until I get back.

Today is our anniversary and of course Nan remembered it and I didn't. Somehow she managed to get me a card. We remembered that last year she was asleep and did not even know the anniversary had come and gone. I gave her the card when she woke up days later.

Nan found out today that Dana has arranged things and will be here on Saturday afternoon. It will be so good to see her and Nan is looking forward to it so much. Dana will like the season we are in, farmers are all selling vegetables which are so good. Oh I forgot to mention nan had me get her a bowl of squash for lunch, she was hungry, what music to my ears.

Also on Saturday Keanna has a recital for her dance classes in the morning. What fun to see our precious little girl in action. Nikki is helping with vacation bible school in Tracy this year, they are having it in the evening, what a great idea and Kim asked Nikki to help and she agreed. so Keanna will get to attend a special VBS this year.

Well its seems to be time to head to bed now.

Please pray for Nan that she will continue to recover and that somehow we can deal with the tumor growth.

Thank you for the wonderful comments to the blog today.

love to all

tim and nan

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marilyn takes to the skys, an all night flight!

Dear Friends and Family,

Just back from the Sac airport where Marilyn flew out of a short while ago. It was so hard to see her go after a wonderful time of recovery and joy while she was here. Nan and I are deeply grateful to her for everything she did for us and for the fun she brought into our lives. Even today she and Nan were packing in some fun, mid day they left for Brentwood and Nan got her hair washed at one place and cut in another, they also made a couple more stops and yes Nan came home tired but looking great and very proud of her accomplishments. It was hot out today but they traveled in the van which quickly cools down. Nan left the TPN home so she could walk and do her thing unfettered. After she got home we gave her a hit of Adavan, she slept for awhile and then woke to have double helpings of dinner. She also enjoyed the coke icee I brought from Brentwood. All to soon it was time to load Marilyn up and go to the airport. The bug is back and working great so we took it. I even had some dirt removed when I was in Brentwood and the trip was uneventful at about 44 miles per gallon. We stopped in Sac at the Hard Rock so Marilyn could take a last attempt at shot glasses and yes they had them so success on that count.

I heard from the pharmacist at Critical Care and for the most part Nan's numbers were good, hemoglobin at 10.1, creatins down to 2.8 from 2.9 last week so with just minor adjustments the new TPN shipment will come in the morning. Nan is feeling so much better it is hard to remember how awful things were just 2 weeks ago. She is moving pretty well now, is actively involved in what is going on, on the phone, paying bills etc.

Dana called a couple times today and is doing very well after her hand surgery. As soon as she gets all the various demands on her taken care of she is coming out, could be even this weekend. We are very anxious to see her but want her to do what she needs to before coming so no loose ends to worry her. Her sinus problems are better today as well.

This morning steve and melaboo came fairly early to let doggie swim and have fun. It is amazing to see how fast she can swim after the ball or ducks, powerful dog and such a good personality. Our little doggies don't know quite what to do with her so they growl and observe.

We are very thankful for the improvement in nan's condition, those words seem so inadequate really, we are thrilled with what is taking place. nan feels alive again, her words and is enjoying the freedom from nausea and its terrible effects. Her colostomy bag is going great guns and I am so very glad to empty it day or night after 5 weeks of inactivity.

This weekend Keanna has her dance recital, how exciting for her and for us as well. She is very involved in learning special steps and routines, what a kid!!

Tomorrow I will be home working things up until I have to run to Oakland late in the afternoon for an appointment I have had a hard time scheduling. Friday we have a 11:30 appointment with the oncologist and then friday afternoon I have a purchase appraisal in Davis. Nice to know I can do the trips in the Bug with its cool air and great mileage.

Thank you for your prayers and lets keep them going for a method of dealing with the tumors.

A couple photos from this afternoon reflecting our parting with Marilyn. Her kids better appreciate her a lot because she is sure welcome here anytime.


tim and nan

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A big day with family and friends

Dear Family and Friends,

This evening as Nan falls asleep she has a lot to be thankful for once again. True to their word and plans Barb and Gerry arrived at 8:45 this morning. Barbie spent the day with Marilyn and Nan and Gerry went with me to Oakland, Brentwood, Home Depot, WalMart, Longs Drugs, Taco Bell. We did some work and took care of a few other things also. Gerry is great to have along on the work days, he helps with the map and files and ride shotgun even falling asleep for a few winks at times. We had a quick lunch on Bancroft in Oakland at the TacoBell before heading east. We found a small remnant of indoor/outdoor carpet for are area between the back deck and the dock which is just dirt, got meds we needed at Longs, looked for shot glasses without any luck for Jerry. We happened across a PG&E office in Oakland and paid the bill which has but a few days before things get very quiet around here. Fortunately since Bob and Carrol showed us how to apply for a medical discount our utility bill is not as high any more.

Nan had started planning tonight dinner yesterday. She did the mixing for the cottage cheese special K loaf, made sure we had other supplies on hand and a short time after we arrived home at 4:30 we sat down to a wonderful meal, fresh tomatos, cranberry sauce, loaf, fresh corn, wow what a feast. Nan had a plate full and then suffered through some tummy pains but later asked for more and ate a small second platefull. She has had a good day in spite of some pains and discomfort. She has been downstairs nearly the entire day only taking a short nap in her hospital bed this afternoon. Barb and Gerry brought photos of when Marilyn and Walter lived in Sacramento and when Lauri was a little girl. They enjoyed catching up on their friendship.

This evening I noticed a black Tahoe out front and discovered Steve and Melaboo swimming in the lake. This dog loves to dive in and swim. She played in the water for the next couple hours, STeve and I got to talk business a bit and then the phone range and Nikki and Keanna were just coming through a small town, Knightsen. So they came over, keanna had corn and pasta, Nikki ate her burrito and Steve had Lemon Pie that Barb and Gerry had brought.

I have included a couple photos from this evening. Thank you all for coming and helping us celebrate family and God's blessings. Barb and Gerry should be home by now having left early evening. It was such a nice thing for them to come down for the day and help out and socialize. nan enjoyed every minute of it all. We had sad news from Dana, yes she is still coming but no it won't be this week. Perhaps next week, she is ill with a sinus infection and is having surgery on her hand tomorrow. So we will just have to look forward to her coming when she can come. We do look forward to she and Ron being here and Jonathan too.
Nan is doing much much better, more strength, more relaxed, more engaged in conversation and positive things. Her colostomy is working very well now, normal and we are so thankful first to God and then to you our friends who were so faithful in keeping it before the Lord in prayer.

Tomorrow I need to pursue Dr. Melynk about either sprycel (thanks to someone who got the spelling right) and eventually AMN107. We need to shrink the tumors while we can.

Its been a big day and a good day, we have been blessed in so many ways.


tim and nan and marilyn
photos are of Starr watching over Nan, Gerry and Barb with Keanna and Grammy, Barb and Gerry and Marilyn as they leave for Sacramento this evening.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another day of recovery

Dear Family and Friends,
11 pm. nan has just turned off her TV after heading up to bed. She has fresh TPN, Zophram, Adavan, Oxycontin, Zyprexa, Acifex. She was a bit nauseous tonight after eating a couple little rolls and more squash with onion. Her colostomy has continued to work well today and her weight is holding at 135 lbs, same now for a couple weeks. Terry came for blood work this morning but had to come back tonight since one of the vials coagulated. Blood pressure was on the low side, heart rate was normal and Terry is impressed with the progress she has made.

Nan and Marilyn decided to see if they could get in to see the family doctor in Tracy, Dr. Makkur and get her V12 shot which she has not had for several months. She usually gets a little boost energy wise from the shot. He is an incredible doctor and listens and then responds. He sent her home with samples. Marilyn was able to find a few things representing the Kings Basketball Team at the Mall in Tracy and we'll try more tomorrow. They are for her son in law Jerry who follows the Kings even though he lives in Rhode Island. He is a real fan.

It seems hard to believe that Marilyn's time with us is nearly over. She flys home on Wednesday evening and will get there in the morning. What she has been able to do for Nan at the crucial time is amazing, they have talked, napped, watched movies, laughed, remembered and day by day Nan has grown stronger and has more and more courage. It has been an amazing transformation to behold and I am delighted, deeply grateful to God for His hand in her life once again.

When Nan calls me on the phone with a shopping list for Safeway three days in a row you know she is feeling much better. This evening it was to plan for dinner tomorrow when Lammerdings are going to be with us. What fun we are going to have. They are coming fairly early so Gerry can go with me to see properties and Barbie can catch up with Marilyn and Nan. I have to go to Oakland, Brentwood and probably other places tomorrow, then back for a good dinner of special K loaf we all love. We have the corn, the tomatoes, the squash, the salad, now all we need are appetites!

I drove over to Los Altos this morning to do a a review of an appraisal for a condo purchase, over a million dollars and about 1,550 sq. ft. Nice place though, better be for that kind of money. The GPS took me directly to the door and then to the doors of the comparable sales in the area and then home to review some things Steve had completed and then to Bethel Island to see a newly completed home, then to Brentwood to see a relocation appraisal of a home, then to Longs for drugs and then to Safeway. The Fiero is still my mode of transportion since the bug is having some problems with the clutch on the new compressor. Tomorrow they will change it and put my old one on to see if that solves it. So hopefully by tomorrow night the bug will be done and ready, I'm tired of sweating my way to fame and glory but I have a new appreciation for the way most of the world lives, that is with the heat, not able to escape from it. I notice I have to drink more to keep up and the hot car tends to wear one out sooner.

Today some significant checks came in the mail. That will help with upcoming house payments, Visa payments, last fridays payroll etc. I paid some small bills today and two of our vehicles needed DMV tags to be paid for. A call to the travel insurance informed me that they were nearly through processing our claim and soon funds would be coming, about $12,000 or so. Would help if it came about now.

We are very thankful that Nan is feeling better. I do not want to give a wrong impression. nan is not up running about, she moves very slowly and with some pain when she walks, her stomach often hurts a lot, yesterday her feet burned and hurt, she needs to rest a lot after going in the car but quickly recovered today with a short nap. Nan has improved in every way over the past couple weeks and is looking forward to Dana's arrival. Having marilyn here has meant so much to her and we appreciate her kids allowing us to have her for a few days. They text message each other many times a day and Jerry's text message woke her up this morning, thanks a lot Jerry!!

Now its time to rest and lets hope Nan can repeat last night when she slept all night not waking till 8:30 this morning.

Please continue to pray that God's healing and powerful hand will be on her, on her heart, on her tumors, on her strength. I thank Him for yet another chance to enjoy this delightful woman with the backbone of steel and the guts of wonder woman. She is amazing.


tim and nan and marilyn

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting better

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan has gone to sleep awhile ago but did so after a good day. Yes she has some nasty foot pain and her stomach is giving her fits but she has been up since about 11. She has had two helpings of squash and cottage cheese, she has had a whole tray of gatoraide ice cubes (thanks Sylvia for the idea), she and Marilyn have watched many Law and Order reruns, laughed, talked, napped. Nan's colostomy bag is back working full time and has been emptied many times today. I just thank God for every time we need to empty it, after so many weeks. We hardly pumped today and when we did got almost nothing. In general she is stronger and happier than a couple weeks ago.
I have worked at my desk the entire day and tonight it is cleaner than when I started, not caught up totally but much closer. We have not heard from the doctor this weekend about Sprycell, the alternative drug for her tumors but we will I think soon.
Terry, the nurse comes at 9 in the morning to draw blood and take vitals. I think she will be very pleased with Nan's condition.
So our prayers tonight should be blended, full of thanks and gratitude and yet seeking more strength, tumor control and greater stability on her feet.
Our friends Art and Connie are leaving tomorrow for a road trip to Crater Lake, Glacier national park and other places of interest. We wish them well as they travel. Pam and Shannon are driving home today and tomorrow from Walla Walla WA where Shannon has been attending college. Bob and Carrol have appointments this week with their medical team and hope for good news to continue.
We are thankful for a better time again. Nan is still suffering but not to the same extent she was even a week ago. Having Marilyn has been wonderful, when friends come to visit and become family it is so special. We munched on Brentwood Corn again this evening, what good food and of course had some Slow Churned Ice Cream too. To see Nan get to eat again is almost a dream, it is so wonderful. She really has not eaten much since we left the cruise ship in Acapulco and that was a very long time ago. She is enjoying her squash so much. It is nice and soft, tasty and she happens to love it and it is extra special because she grew it in her own back yard.

Well bed time calls, my how we appreciate you and your comments.


tim and nan and marilyn

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A day of rest, of progress, of family joy

Dear Friends and Family,

We are winding down now after a very big day. Keanna spent the night last night, went to bed at 10:30 and was up at 6:30 to gently tell us good morning Grammy, Good morning Grampy. We suggested to her that she go back to her room and rest, she went when I turned on a DVD and we did not hear from her again until 8:30 which was almost too late for Sabbath School. We quickly made breakfast and headed to SS. She wanted to wear casual clothes so I relented and let her. We arrived late but there were only 2 girls there when we arrived. Keanna enjoyed Sabbath School and was a good girl throughout. Kim sent a present home for Keanna's birthday, Keanna loved it, a new sippy cup and a nice purse. When we left SS we called Nikki to find she was sleeping in so we hit the Burger King and had an early lunch and a play time. Then home to see Grammy and Aunt Marilyn. Hearing that Nikki and Steve were coming over Nan made her way downstairs to her recliner. Nikki and Steve came later and we did some cleaning up in the back, Steve cut some cat tails in the lake, power washed the dock and cleaned the paddle boat. Steve and Keanna went swimming in the lake and Melaboo was in the water at least 25 times to chase geese, fetch the ball and just get wet. What a fun dog and what a great afternoon with family. When I finally came in Nan had some ideas of her own. Since I would have to take Keanna home, their Tahoe did not have a child seat so I drove her home and then picked up tomatoes, yellow squash, onion and ice. Nan had decided that she wanted some squash for supper, sure enough, she had a small serving of squash, cottage cheese and a tomato slice. First food in 4 weeks and she did well with it. Nan decided that she would like to go to the back deck and see what we had done and to check on her plants. She made it down to the lower deck and looked over the squash, the tomatoes and the lake. Just before we walked outside we decided to empty all the bags and nan said to be sure to empty the colostomy as well. Well it had a LOT in it this time, every day Marilyn has been here the bag has had a little more in it. We are thrilled, seems she brings the best out in us!! Ha Ha! Marilyn has added a wonderful element of family and has been such a great help to Nan in every way possible. We are very happy with the progress Nan is experiencing. She is still very weak and tires easily but is staying up most of the day now and doing lots of things. At this point she is resting in her hospital bed and we are watching a great movie on the Hallmark Channel. We often find great movies which enhance family and are wonderful and enjoyable.
What a nice 24 hours we have had. It reminds me of the blessings of life we enjoy and it was so good to see many friends at church today. It was especially nice to see the Toons who now live in Oregon on the coast. They are precious people and reminded me that they pray for Nan every day.
Tonight we are grateful for a very special day with family which includes Marilyn. This is a wonderful time of year with good temperatures, cool breezes and pleasant sunsets.

So good evening my friends, my family.

Please pray for the blockage to continue to break up, for some way to solve the tumor growth, for strength.


tim and nan and marilyn

PS. As of 11 pm we emptied the colostomy bag again and this time there were three pills there clearly visible in the mix. Also when we tried to pump the stomach after she ate the squash, cottage cheese and tomato almost nothing came out. Seems it may have moved on through the system. I have included a few photos taken this afternoon. Perhaps they will illustrate the day and yes that is Nan on the lower deck checking out the squash which she ate later in the afternoon. The geese were nice enough to bring their little goslings by for Keanna to see.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday evening, all is quiet

Dear Family, Friends and GISTers,

Nan went to see Dr. Melynk today, her oncologist for the past 10 years. He was pleased to see the feet normal size, no swelling and no pain like two weeks ago. He has the same concerns as we do about the tumors growing rapidly and we went over the things that need to be assembled to appeal to Novartis for AMN107 but he cautioned that getting past the hospital board can take time. In the mean time he is researching using the drug that Dr. Morgan suggested in an email as an alternative to AMN, Sprysel or something like that. Dr. Melynk was aware of the drug and said it is used for CML patients when Gleevec fails for them. He is to call this weekend with the results of his research and we might be able to start on that immediately as is is available now. It could slow or stop the growth of the tumors until we could get to the AMN107 which could easily be 6 weeks or more. He also did a request for a better pumping system from Apria and they are checking insurance about that, one that would come on and off during the night on its own. He also updated the prescription for Aciphex, the drug that will help Nan's body heal in her esophagus (sp) where there are small ulcers from the acid when nan was throwing up. He also prescribed a new bottle of the Dilautid which Nan uses for break out pain. The visit was helpful and we were reminded again what a nice person Dr. M is.
We are noticing that there is more and more in the colostomy bag, not normal amounts yet but more which is mildly encouraging. I have extra hydration going in tonight since there is a lot of fluids going our of Nan's body and not as much going in. When she drinks we pump it back out and we pump quite a bit beyond what she drinks.
It was a great deal of work for Nan to dress, walk to the car, ride in the car, sit in the wheelchair at the doctors office, then ride back to the car, get in and recline the seat, drive to Burger King for our Coke Icee and then on home. Once we got home Marilyn helped her get settled in her bed upstairs and she rested and watched TV and gossiped on the phone and with Marilyn. I headed out for a San Jose appointment. The home was very nice and the lady had lived there for 52 years, can you imagine how she feels as she leaves her home behind and moves to where her son lives in Utah? Then after finishing allowing the GPS to guide me to the comparables I headed back to Brentwood to pick up prescriptions. What an experience that is on a Friday afternoon as most of the population of San Jose leaves and heads to Tahoe over Highway 680. It took some time to get back, probably double the normal time. I was in the Fiero with its stiff clutch, no AC and no power steering. Sort of like being at the gym, a real workout. Actually I enjoyed the challenge though. Sandi, our favorite pharmacist at Longs was there today and asked about Nan and reminded me that she is praying for her. What a help she has been over and over again as we sorted out conflicting medicines from different doctors and different hospitals.
Then home arriving at about 7:45. Keanna was entertaining the troops, had her little steps in place so she could get up on the bed with her Grammy when she needed to. She and Marilyn had bonded and were having fun. She and I went into her room and I installed the AC back into the window for the summer and so her sleeping tonight could be cool and comfortable. She had already eaten and was supposed to be heading to bed. She slipped on the stairs and hit her head raising a little bump so we let her watch her DVD for a while just to keep an eye on her in case there was a complication. Other than the bump she seems to be fine and she has just finally gone to sleep now. She will be sort of grouchy tomorrow I am afraid. What a precious little person, so full of energy and ideas. Marilyn is good with her and Keanna loves her already.
Nan has been tired today and has had some pain. She changed her colostomy bag tonight for the first time in a few days and the skin was very raw under part of the bag so she put her special powder on it and we'll need to change it more often to get the skin back in good shape.
Nan is really loving having Marilyn here and I think Marilyn is enjoying helping Nan as well. They seem to be enjoying doing stuff, reading, watching judge shows on TV, napping and talking together. It has helped Nan a lot to have someone here to spend time with her like this.

Tomorrow morning I am going to take Keanna to Sabbath School for the first time in awhile. We should enjoy that outing.

This afternoon Gary called from Kendal Automotive to tell me the VW was ready, then later he called to say that the clutch on the compressor for the AC was not working properly, I told him to just keep the car until it was working right. I can survive with the Fiero a few more days. It is disappointing that the clutch is not working right, not sure what is wrong. He said he ran it for 1/2 hour and it was perfect. Then they started it again and it started to smell like it was burning. Yikes.

this morning I woke, pumped out Nan's stomach and then headed for Tracy VW to get the parts, they were ready. Then I drove to Brentwood to deliver the parts and then back home to do some quick prep work to be ready for the Doctor with a file of papers for the AMM drug, then we loaded Nan up and headed to Antioch arriving on time this time, amazing really. Marilyn helps a lot in so many ways.

So we feel like we made a little progress today and while tired Nan still feels better than she did for the many weeks of vomiting. We are thankful for the blessings when they happen and we always want more. It would be a great blessing to see tumor reduction or even stability. It would be a wonderful event if the colostomy bag was full on a regular basis again.

Please join us as we pray for these things. May your weekend bring you closer to those you love including our blessed Lord.


tim and nan and marilyn

ps thanks for the nice conversations today, Art, Wes, Nikki, Jason and Barb and Gerry. Sure helps the day pass faster.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Less than ideal day, pain blurred the joy

Dear Family and Friends,
As I write this evening I have an image of the tumor or what we think is tumor beside the fistula. It seems to grow larger every day and it causes me great concern and fear. It is a visible reminder how much we need to get the AMN drug to try as soon as we can. We will see the doctor tomorrow morning at 11 and try to build a fire under him to facilitate getting things submitted. Travis has emailed him the contacts at Novartis, lets hope he has made contact.
Delores, the wound care nurse, came today and changed dressings / keepers on both nephrostomy tubes, the right one began to hurt more and more until Nan could not take it so called her up and she was kind enough to come back tonight and redo the dressing and the pain subsided. Nan never made it downstairs today but was busy working the phones getting the correct lovenox ordered, taking care of other medical issues and spent a couple hours talking with Terry today who came by to change a valve that should have been replaced at the hospital after the blood transfusion but was not. Nan got very poor attention and care in short stay this time, unusual as they are usually so good. At one point a leak developed and blood was pooling on the floor, marilyn went to find a nurse who told her that was not possible, that is until she saw the pool of blood and cleaned it up and fixed the leaking tube. Marilyn was not impressed with the nursing attention Nan received.

I opened a bill from Mt Diablo Hospital tonight, I thought it was for $175 but noticed more numbers, looked closer and the bill was for $175,000 for the last stay in the hospital after the cruise. That was for 10 days. And mind you I did a whole lot of the nursing care since I was with her almost all the time day and night. You should see my bill!

We have Nan all set and sleeping now. She has not slept during the day for the past three days but sleeps well at night, the full night. However she is a might bit cranky just as she is going to sleep in the evening and of course it takes Starr a bit to settle down as well.

Nan is stronger now and once again today the colostomy bag put out quite a bit. At this point what is coming out is very strong , enough to gag Nan if we don't have room fresheners ready and a stiff cross breeze.

I am so thankful to Marilyn who has been an angel to Nan in every way, she cares for her gently and talks, listens and rubs her back. She is good medicine for Nan and I believe Nan is stronger for it making great strides this week. Marilyn goes home next Wednesday and today we heard that Barb and Gerry can come on Tuesday to spend the day. We all know each other from the Sacramento Central SDA Church from long ago and Marilyn will enjoy seeing Barb and Gerry.
Tomorrow night we get Keanna for a sleep over and then I'll take her to Sabbath School on Saturday. It is my intention to get the Christian Dish up so Nan can enjoy some really inspiration programing, just have not found time to do it so far. Its sits and waits for a few hours of installation by me.

Today I drove to Santa Rosa, about 2 hours plus a little. On the way Alice called. Alice is the person that ordered the appraisal I was going to see. She said there were three more I could see while I was there also so I ended up seeing 4 at the Centreville development and then I also did a review of a ranchette north of Santa Rosa out in the sticks. No AC in the Fiero but it was a good day overall, got home about 8 pm tonight, bone tired as you can imagine. Art helped talk me home, what a great friend he is and always has been. The sales lady at the project was helpful and kind and had the information I needed ready for me when I arrived. Interesting what little condos and townhouses sell for now, over $400,000.

Tomorrow morning I need to be in Tracy at 7 at the VW dealer to get the two parts needed for the bug so the AC can finally be repaired. Its now been over a week and I miss my little bug. however I have enjoyed driving the Fiero and feel even better about selling it now, knowing that it runs great, gets about 24 mpg and is in good shape. So Craigs list or ebay here we come.

Please keep praying about the blockage, the tumor grown and about God's big picture for Nan. These are very tough days for her with pains popping up here and there, no food in over 4 weeks, stomach pumping required every few hours. Its a rough way to live. Tomorrow I intend to ask the doctor about what can be done to locate the blockage, what we can do about the tumor growth and how soon can we apply for the AMN drug!

I was so thankful to get home tonight after a very long, hot and tiring day, it felt so good to drive into our own driveway and be home safe. Home is where Nan is!


tim and nan and marilyn