Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 ends

Dear Friends and Family,

Well we are seeing the old year out a little early tonight. We've had a very busy day thanks to Dana and our friends Tom and John. Nan's day started pretty rough but gradually got better as she tackled coming down and then gradually feeling better. This afternoon she and Dana surprised us in the garage and they came out dressed for a short trip to the hair dresser to have Nan's hair washed. She looks great as she sits here in the pale light of the fire.

Tom and John arrived on time this morning to build shelving for all the boxes of appraisals we have to hold for 5 years before destroying. They brought cases of tools, materials and a concept. They immediatelly set to work and by 3:30 this afternoon were finished with fine shelves that will hold about 45 boxes plus ice chests and some christmas boxes too. What a wonderful boost toward getting the garage in order and being able to locate older files for the company. John brought his new truck which he has purchased to enjoy and pull his 5th wheel trailer now that he is retired. Nan and I send our thanks to the guys for making this wonderful addition to our garage.

In preparation of the garage work I had to move all the boxes out of the way and then put them back this evening after they were finished. So you can only imagine how tired I am, it hurts to move. Dana has been working hard all day too and has created many empty boxes and sorted tons of stuff for giveaway. Dana has worked almost constantly since she arrived, she'll have to go home to rest. We've had good food, mexican, italian, american.

Tonight we have the privilege of having Keanna spending the night. She is sleeping with Aunt Dana in the guest room, had her bath, read tons of books and played her heart out. Steve and Nikki are out to a party here in the bay somewhere and so we win by getting to see Keanna.

We are doing pretty well with the dressing by changing it twice a day, certainly is better for Nan than the bag that she has had to wear for a couple months. Still the nausea is always with us and some pretty heavy duty pain as well. A neighbor of Jason and Jo's picked olives and then cured them and we got a jar for Christmas. Nan is loving them. Lidia and Ron Samoian surprised us today with a visit and a wonderful plate of dried fruit. Nan says it is some of the best she has ever eaten.

Now we are winding up our day and looking forward to a long winters rest. We look forward to a year of progress and healing, we hope your new year goes well too.

So we send our love and our very best wishes to each and every one of you for the new year.

tim and nan and dana and Keanna!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Keanna and Nikki are back, stop by to play

Dear Friends and Family,

9:30 and we are winding down, Nan is relaxing in her recliner after a day of ups and downs health wise. She started having intense pain during the night and through the morning hours. She worked her meds more closely spaced and got it under better control. We changed the dressing last night and this morning and each time it seems the skin that is trying to heal looks better, less angry red which is good. It seems strange to look in the place where the leak comes out and see a small opening of about 1/4 inch across that just goes right down into Nan's body. No one seems to know for sure where it is coming from.

Dana made a nice breakfast and later in the morning Nan came downstairs after the odors from breakfast had cleared. Any hint of a food odor can set her off easily. It has been that way for years and is even more focused at this time. By the time she came down I had the temp of the room up to about 67, it had started at 63 this morning. Got to get that furnace looked at. Dana has turned out to be very good at keeping the fire going and carries wood in from the wood stack when I'm not looking.

I went to church today and enjoyed a very good talk by Becky Lanza, long time friend. It was an inspiring message and used the testimony of people who are relatively new in the church family. After wards I had the chance to talk at length with Wes who often writes comments to the blog. I got to express personally how much I appreciate his feedback and warmth and wisdom. I also enjoyed talking with Steve and Syliva Ahn who gave some very helpful suggestions regarding Nan's care and medical attention. They professional concern driven by a very long friendship is more helpful than they can possibly know. A side development is that Steve's wonderful and precious mom may finally be willing to make the move from her home in Napa to Tracy to be closer to family. She is one of God's own, a very tender hearted and thoughtful lady and a great mom to Steve. Sylvia's mom is also moving to town and she is a character really, a free thinker and very interesting lady also. So their lives are about to take new directions.

When I came home Dana had food ready and it was great. Nan asked for a small plate and enjoyed it too. After eating Nan and I both fell asleep and Dana slipped away to get a few things she had been meaning to find. Nikki called to say that they were home having driven until 2 this morning. So she and Keanna came over this early evening. Nikki had to get meds for Keanna so we got to have her highness with us for a couple hours. What a precious child, full of life, ideas, learning, humor and cleverness. She is just wonderful in every way and her aunt Dana knows just how to work with her since she has little ones at home all the time. Nan enjoys watching her antics, the hugs, the little loving comments about her grammy. While I had intended to have many items moved in the garage this evening I instead played with Keanna and will get up early in the morning to move boxes, I can always do that, I don't always get to interact with keanna.

Tomorrow Tom Miller and John Nunes are coming to build shelves in the garage. It is a dream come true for me and for the business. It will make working with the files much easier than ever before and Nan and I really appreciate what they are about to do.

Nan has felt gradually better as the day wore on today and as the pain was better controlled. We got her TPN on early tonight so she will be free to do whatever she wants earlier tomorrow afternoon. I hope she and Dana can get out to do something but that will depend on how she feels tomorrow.

Our prayers are seeking God's healing of the leaking, God control of the nausea and God's will to be done, we hope that is for her to feel better and stronger soon. Nan loves her freedom and lately she has had very little of it. I pray that she can be free again.

I want you all to know how much Dana's visit has meant to Nan and me. Dana is a honest and caring person who makes things happen. She gives such a lift to Nan's spirits during this hard time, it is beautiful to watch. We really appreciate her help and her being with us. We wish she would never have to go home but she has a family that loves her and misses her so we understand.

So we are sending our love and deepest appreciation for your compassion and prayers.


tim and nan and dana

Friday, December 29, 2006

The season works...

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening as we relax, Dana, Nan and me with the help of Moo moo, George, Starr and Lady and enjoy the warmth of the family room, a nice hot drink or in Nan's case a Gatorade we have many blessings.

Highlights include: a totally enjoyable Christmas morning with Nikki, Steve and Keanna, a second Christmas afternoon with Jason and Jo, wonderful food on every counter and table as Dana works her magic, photographs and paintings hung all over the house thanks to the combined efforts of Jo, Jason and Dana, finally Nan gets to see the fruits of her careful purchases on cruise ships in the past and photos of family that have been languishing stacked in the spare bedroom. The team had a good eye and matched pictures to rooms and checked with Nan to make sure we all were doing it right. Meanwhile Nan has had a fairly quiet day but one with a change. When Julie, the wound care nurse, came this morning at around 10 she removed the device which Nan has had to wear for the last couple months and in its place dressed the incision wound with highly dense gauze and bandages. We will change it about 2 times a day or more if needed and see what happens with the leaking. The incision wound was irritated today, more so than ever before by the fluid that has been leaking out the last couple weeks. It is much worse in odor and color than before. I don't begin to understand what is happening or where this liquid is coming from. I do know that the interventional radiologist plan to replace the balloons in the ureters with a more permanent glue on the 5th of January. We genuinely hope and pray that the leaking subsides after than procedure but there are no assurances.

Nan walked to the street today and was surprisingly strong and agile. It was so cold outside that the walk had to be a short one but still she did it. Her right nephrostomy causes extreme pain at times. We discovered when we removed the bandage over the nephrostomy that this time they did not install the butterfly locking device to hold the tube in place where it enters her body, there is nothing holding it in place except gauze and tape. The reason appears to be that the addition of the balloon tail and its little plastic end device do not fit into the butterfly lock device so they did not use it. No wonder when the tube gets yanked for some reason the pain is terrible and immediate. It is simply amazing what Nan has to put up with on a continual basis and yet there are no complaints, just gutsy acceptance and a make the best of it approach to daily living. Friends this is no normal or average lady, nan is totally amazing and it is a privilege to watch her in action.

This afternoon we heard from Nikki who told us that they are staying another day and coming home tomorrow. We hear that they are having some pretty bad wind down that way and we place them in God's hands as they travel back. They have Melaboo, the new Lab puppy with them. She is a good traveler and a fine puppy. We will be glad when they are back home safely but are so glad they got to do this trip to be with family.

This morning I once again ask God to help with the tax deposits that we did not pay during our time in Boston. Todays mail had enough money to pay at least part of them before the end of the year and I consider that a real blessing. The mail also let us know that our health insurance is going up again, this time to $1,073 come February, wow and we thought the current $881 was bad. Its expensive to grow older.

Our thanks go to each of you for your prayers and support this year. We would not have survived without your help and you know who you are. All the way from Dr. Bertagnolli, Amy and her team in ICU, Roxanna and Marilyn who were our support team and our wonderful kids who flew back to be with us in the middle of the crisis. For food from Marilyn which we still eat every day, foot lotion which we used again this evening from marilyn, garage cleaning by Barb and Gerry, house cleaning and sorting by many including Mary, Sylvia, Emily, LeAnn, house sitting and a whole lot more by Loree, appraisal heroics by Steve, in home care by Dana and Sharon, the list goes on and on, Bob church treasurer for his help with the recovery fund, George and Yvonne for overseeing the donations................. yes we are blessed over and over again. This has been a year to remember for Nan and me and for our family.

We thank you and we thank God for doing great things for Nan and we seek His hand in healing her totally and putting her back on her feet.

With love

tim and nan and dana

Thursday, December 28, 2006

2nd Christmas, Jason and Jo come to visit

Dear Ones,

Jason and Jo arrived late this afternoon. They are so glad that they left Denver when they did or they would be in the middle of another blizzard. It was so nice to walk in the door and see them relaxing on the couch watching a DVD with nan and Dana, I think its called RV with Robin Williams, very cute movie at least the part I saw when I got in. Dana fed us well with home cooked foods and then we opened gifts from each other. Jo is feeling better than she has the last couple of days and we all just took it easy this evening by the fire. I know Nan loved having them home at last.

Nan and Dana started this day really early. Nan has been searching for the least expensive place to have Moo Moo fixed and have her shots. The place they found happens to be in Stockton and the appointment was for 8 this morning. So Nan and Dana got up about 6:30 and left for Stockton by 7 or so. I really hated to see them go out into the very windy cold and over the levee roads between Discovery Bay and Stockton. But they thought they would be OK and before long they were back safe and sound. Dana had to go back this afternoon to pick up kitty who is recovering in our office. Nan only took about an hours nap today and so went up to bed earlier than usual. Dana goes to bed early because of the time difference she is used to in Houston. She has been baking, cooking and shopping every day, really keeps busy and is so much help in so many ways.

Julie, the wound care nurse, is coming tomorrow and will remove the 5th bag and move Nan to a wet to dry dressing again. We will need to change it a couple times a day and we'll see how it goes. On the 5th of january we go back to SF for more surgery, they intend to place medical glue in the ureters to see if they can get a better block of fluid. Nan and are not persuaded that the fluid coming out now is urine, it has a very bad odor and does not smell like urine. We sure needs God's hand in all of this since we really don't know what is best.

I spent hours today seeing properties in Oakley, Fairfield and then Patterson before heading home. Its been a very long day indeed. I so long for Nan to feel better and to be able to move around freely which makes her happy and contented. She feels so trapped by her current limitations, she longs to be able to do her thing when she feels like it. I can certainly understand that.

We are so thankful this evening to have Jason and Jo home with us, we love to hear what is happening in their lives and to just get to see them again is very precious.

So good night from our house to your house and please keep Nan in your prayers, she really needs God's healing power.

tim and nan and dana and jo and jason
Nikki, Steve and Keanna are heading home tomorrow and our prayer is that they will have a safe trip, I noticed that 5 was closed at the grapevine this evening due to snow, not fun at all. They are on the other side of the grapevine visiting with Steve's mom, step dad and grandmother and his brother dave. We'll be glad when they get back too.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looked like a choir...

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been a non stop day for all. Early this morning I went to lab for full blood workup, its been almost a year and time to see the numbers. When I got back Dana had the fire burning brightly and kept the house warm all day long. She made a brief run to the store for supplies and cooked and cooked. She has Nan eating small portions of lots of things, all good for her. Some she keeps down and some not so lucky.

Our friends came to visit at 2 pm. Lloyd and Bernice White from Tracy, Bob and Carrol from Lodi and Roger and Carol from N. Carolina. Nan got up from her nap and Dana and I joined the happy group and we talked for a couple hours. Carrol is looking so good and her numbers are looking pretty good on her blood now too. Roger, newly recovered from a heart attack is doing much better with good heart numbers and renewed energy. The only thing wrong with today is that Nan and I could have talked for hours with every person in the room, we all were in choirs together in the past, after all it was the Roger Peden Chorale originally. We all love music and we had at least three conversations going most of the time. It was just wonderful to see everyone and so very nice to have them drive all the way out to Discovery Bay.

I left as they left to see if I could help get out an appraisal since the appraiser is still in the hospital. Finally after hours of learning their systems we got the appraisal emailed out, then home to Nan who was so tired and exhausted that as soon as she got the TPN connected she fell asleep. However sleep is at a premium tonight since the weather is nasty, pretty strong wind gusts are buffeting our home and boat cover ripping it to shreds. While I was gone it felt so good to know Dana was watching over Nan and that Nan had someone to be with her to talk to and not get lonely. I know this is hard on Dana because she and Ronnie are so close and to be apart is hard on both of them so we really appreciate her sacrifice in coming.

Tomorrow morning they are heading out to get Moomoo fixed. That will require a trip to Stockton over the levee roads, no fun any time of the day. nan wants to do it and if she feels up to it in the morning then she and Dana will make the trip.

I spoke to Jo this evening as I drove back home, they are home and safe from the upcoming Denver storm and we hope to see them either tomorrow of the next day, whatever fits their plans. We are so glad they are home safe after the stormy time they had in Denver.

Well since I am falling asleep at the keyboard perhaps its time to bid you each good night. Please pray that we might find a way to reduce the constant nausea so Nan can enjoy life a bit more than now. The interventional radiology team has us booked into surgery for Jan. 5 to put a more permanent block in Nan's ureters. So far the leaking is continuing but not as much as in the old days.

Sending our love

tim and nan and dana

ps Somehow Dana got left out of the pictures. We'll take care of that over the next few days.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On a wintery day Dana helps Nan pass the time

Dear Friends and Family,

How good it feels to be home out of the wintery weather, cold, wind, rainy brrrr. Nan enjoyed an "in" day today with Terri, visiting nurse coming twice for important visits. One of Nan's dual lumen picc lines appears to be developing a problem. When saline is introduced Nan feels a slight stinging just at the point where the picc line enters her arm. Terri put the special flushing fluid in today to see if things would improve. One line works great but the other is sluggish. What this really means is that at some point we may have to have this picc line removed and a new one inserted into nan's artery. This one has worked faithfully since July and Terri takes wonderful care of it. Today Nan has managed her nausea with small amounts of adavan and its worked pretty well. Of course with chief Dana here there are good things being created all the time, pies, haystacks, oatmeal, toast, you name it and it appears. Nan has been able to enjoy several tasty things today and kept them down. She has been wrapped in her new special heating cover which is just perfect for her in her chair. Starr loves it too and so in spite what the fire was doing or the winds that were blowing through nan stayed warm.

Dana headed out this morning to go shopping. This whirlwind now knows where the good stores are and she came home loaded with so many things the frig is bulging again. Everything tastes so good and its so nice not to have to cook it, just great and what a treat. On the way home from the shopping she found the movie store and rented some movies so when she got home she and Nan figured out how to make the dvd player work and they enjoyed some movies together. That sure helped Nan pass the time.

Meanwhile I was seeing a cute little condo in Concord and then driving like the wind to Modesto to see a nice older home which has been nicely maintained. Then as darkness approached I shot my last photo, found a bathroom at a Shell Station and headed to my appraiser friends house, she was taken to the hospital last night after I left. I went there to try to figure out if our systems were compatible, emailed myself some data and then drove on home. Dana had the house smelling wonderful and I ate way too much. Then built up a fire and set up Nan's TPN. She drifted upstairs to rest and watch TV and I headed to this office to work. This evening I have managed to email out three appraisals that were almost done before and am nearly done with a 4th one. In the morning when I wake I'm going to a medical lab in town for a full battery of tests. Its been a year since the last tests and I need to stay on top of my diabetes, blood pressure, colosteral etc. I want to get them done before the end of the year so the cost will be on this years insurance, not next years when the deductible starts all over again.

I finally screwed up enough courage to call the IRS today about a bill they had sent for something I missed in the spring of 2005. I'm hoping they will consider our plight and reduce the penalties and interest. The lady was very nice on the phone and told me how to go about it. I have several IRS mountains to climb before I am caught up with them, it involves more money than I have seen for awhile. One issue at at a time I guess. When I hung up I found my heart just pounding in my chest, they really frighten me and so I put off making the call that I know I must eventually make. Procrastination is something I could offer classes in, I do it so well. How old does one have to be to wise up and do things right? Obviously older than I am.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to seeing 4 people we dearly love tomorrow afternoon. Roger and Carol are visiting from North Carolina. Their daughter and family live in Sacramento area. They are going to come down to see Bob and Carrol in Lodi and then all come over to see us around 1:30. That will be so nice to see all of them. Nan is really looking forward to the visit.

Once again I feel thankful this evening for something as basic as a safe trip today. My little car, a black VW beetle with diesel engine now has 130,000 miles and some very bald front tires. Sort of crept up on me, one day they were fine and the next the tread was gone. So when I get time I'll check out CostCo for a couple new tires. I am thankful that in spite of Nan's not feeling well she still has her wonderful sense of humor, can enjoy time in her chair with Starr and right now can enjoy Dana hour after hour. I am also thankful that Irene, our fellow GISTer friend has had a good CT scan with no change, always great news for which she is thankful.

I am looking forward to having Tom and John here next sunday to build some shelves in the garage. The garage will take on a whole new look with that kind of organization. Thanks guys, thanks in advance.

This evening as the rain falls I will be praying that God's blessing will continue to rain down on Nan, that she can recover and reclaim her life of activity and love for others. Thanks to each of you for your part.

With love

tim and nan and dana

Monday, December 25, 2006


Dear Friends and Family,

..Nikki and Steve host a great Christmas celebration
..Dana arrives from Houston
..Art and Connie come to visit
..Dana tempts Nan with southern cooking

Nikki and Steve created a perfect Christmas morning with breakfast served, music playing and then presents were shared. What fun to see Keanna open the various things she has wanted and give a careful thankyou for each one. This year she could handle the paper and boxes just fine and really got into the whole experience. Thoughtful gifts all around, Nikki names it a comfort Christmas for Nan and gave her a heated blanket to put over you for the chair, a heated foot device to warm up the feet, a blanket that zips up around you like a mummy, wonderful photos and for both of us an electronic picture frame that holds hundreds of pictures and shows them one after the other, I gave mom an electric card shuffler since I can't shuffle cards at all and her hands don't have enough strength to do it. I also gave her a device that you put your feet on and it has infered heat and rolling little balls for massage. Mom gave me a GPS device so I can find my way home at night after I've been out working all day. I got new shoes from Nikki and STeve, thats good since my one pair are failing and breaking down badly but I've kept wearing them since they were it. There are other thoughtful gifts as well but since Jason and Jo will not open their gifts for a few days I don't want to talk about ones that we might all have in common. Finally time caught up with me and I had to hit the road to Sacramento to pick up Dana who had flown in from Houston to be with Nan for 10 days or so.

I left Nan resting in their recliner by the fireplace and drove to Sac, then back home to pick up mom and then to our home where Art and Connie Diaz came to visit. It was great to see them again. They helped me unload the van and get the Christmas bootie inside. Then they had to leave and we rested for awhile. Dana started cooking and whipped up corn bread, deep fried some vege chicken, open and warmed some green beans and later made rice for Nan. Dana sure knows her way around a kitchen, just like Nan does. All of us are fortunate to have been on the receiving end of their many kitchen productions.

Now I reluctantly begin to consider tomorrow and going back to work. I have work to get done and also need to help a friend who can't get some appraisals written and out due to illness. Dana and Nan will come up with lots of things to talk about and do over the next few days I'm sure.

As I pause for a moment to reflect I am so very grateful for Nan's courage and stubborn refusal to give up. She is an amazing woman in every way and sure is easy to look at. This morning she slipped on a Christmas sweater, did her hair and I came into the room and was just blown away once again with how lovely she looks. What a lucky guy am I. I am also very grateful for the help of Nikki and Steve today to make this a very special comfort Christmas. They covered every detail and made it easy and possible for us. Thanks so much you two (three). I am also thankful for Jason and Jos several phone calls today to stay in touch. Even though they are in Denver it seemed they were here by their calls. I am very thankful to Dana for leaving her own family on Christmas day and flying out here to be with us. Nan comes from a very caring family and that love means everything to us.

So this evening we are sending our love to each and every one of you, thanking you for being our friends and family, for caring and for loving, for being there when we need you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


tim and nan and dana

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve with Nan, A wonderful gift!

Dear Friends and Family,

As I look back this evening from our warm family room with Nan relaxing in her recliner I think back with a grateful heart to the evening of June 6 and Nan was in recovery. At that point no one knew the outcome of the night and for weeks challenges arose at least once a day or more. Since that time Nan has braved and prayed her way through 54 days in Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston, recovery in Conn. with Rick and Roxanna, a very long flight home, 8 hours later back to the hospital with many times in and out of the hospital since. We have been blessed with excellent care at UCSF, wonderful home health care nurses and a gradual inprovement in weight, strength and healing. As we remember the greatest gift ever given in Jesus who lived and died in solidarity with us and then rose in victory we know there are reasons for hope both for now and eternity.

We woke this morning to heavy and dense fog. Fortunately we didn't have to go anywhere so we could ignore it, build up the fire and do indoor things. Today we have stayed warm, talked to friends and family and been lucky enough to have Nikki and Keanna come to visit and work hard. Grammy shared a tiny coin purse with Keanna and Keanna took on the mission of finding any penny or more of change in the entire house. We had a a great time as she found money and then put it into her little purse, then she started working on the tree, putting decorations all over with a pretty good eye for one less than 4 years old. Nikki went to work wrapping presents giving mom a hand. They wrapped for hours getting everything just right. Finally it was obvious that Keanna needed a nap very badly so they headed home and Nan went upstairs for a nap as well. I decided to finish the tree and had fun with Christmas music playing, fire crackling and me learning how to hang balls on the tree. Our little 10 buck tree looks great now. We found a string of 200 lights with 12 different lighting options and they formed the base of the decorations. nan did another bow for the top. While Nan slept I carried all the Christmas boxes back to the garage so when she came down all was in order. When she woke she decided that a trip to Longs would be a good idea. I called and found out they were open till 9 so Nan got dressed in some very Christmassy clothes and we headed out. We found many of the items she wanted at Longs but they were out of candy canes, a trick that helps nausea, suck on a peppermint candy cane. We then headed for Safeway but for once Safeway, the 24 hours store was closed. Not ready to give up we drove into Brentwood and found a Walgreens that is always open, found candy canes on special and content with our finds came home.

Upon arriving I built a fire and Nan decided she would like rice so as she instructed I cooked, not too bad for the first time for me. Then she decided some chocolate milk would be good so 2 glasses of brown milk later she is slipping in and out of sleep in her chair. I have the dishwasher going so kitchen will be in order when Dana gets here tomorrow afternoon. Now just finish the blog and we head to sleep. In spite of feeling rough with nausea Nan has made it a good day. This brave and stubborn lady does not give up easily. She has been very involved in making Christmas work without spending very much money. She and Nikki are both excellent shoppers and especially at saving money. Its amazing the deals they get.

Tom Miller, our Lodi friend who used to live in Tracy, called and offered to come out and build shelves in the garage to hold the boxes of appraisals which we are required to keep for 5 years. He has a great plan and is going to make it happen New Years week. I am so excited, it will make keeping track of reports so much easier than ever before.

Tomorrow morning we travel over to Nikki and Steve's for breakfast and then Christmas tree time. That means I get to move all the presents from under our tree to under theirs, exercise for sure but the fun type. Then at noon I will head to Sacramento to the airport to meet Dana. We certainly hope for a safe and speedy trip for her. She will be with us for about 10 days which sound so good to Nan and me also. We appreciate Ron and the rest of the family for letting her come be with us.

On June 6 we began a new kind of adventure, one of faith and hope, of setbacks and terror, one of needing and receiving tremendous help on all levels, one of seeing the good in so many people as they stepped forward to help with the recovery. We have grown closer to our family, our friends, our Saviour. We have learned humility and renewed opportunity. We have seen miracles and non miracles which require waiting and waiting. We treasure every hour, every day of life God gives us and look forward to His answers and healing in the future.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and for helping us with the load.

Merry Christmas, thank you Jesus for being born that we might have eternal hope.

with love

tim and nan
ps more thanks go to Sylvia, your cleaning and arranging has helped us get ready for Christmas, thanks so much. thanks to Mary, once again I had a wonderful lunch today compliments of Mary for her soup and pasta.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Surrounded by Christmas decorations!

Nan is surrounded by boxes of every kind of Christmas decoration. All the way from antique ones from Heinz where Nan used to work to boxes of colorful balls, beads, lights, etc. I brought lots of boxes in so Nan could select what she wants put on the new tree, a tree which is now standing considering whether it wants to open his branches or not, so far NOT. But the wonderful odors the tree puts into the room, nice, very nice.

This has been a rough day for Nan. Nikki, Keanna and I went to Sabbath School at Tracy this morning letting mom rest and sleep in. We enjoyed the experience and Keanna looked just precious in a burgundy red dress, matching shoes and a bow in her hair. We sort of challenged her to eat her sandwich as we drove to church and she ate it all along with bananas, grapes and her special rice milk. The teacher Kim did a very nice job with Sabbath School and then Keanna decided she wanted to eat so we met Steve and hit up the Olive Garden, no waiting and great food.

When I got home I found Mary here, she had been here and helped Nan get new pain patches in place. They were overdue to the pain was hitting hard. Also extreme nausea has kept Nan in her chair most of the day. Because it is our Sabbath I was able to be here with her and not be in the office working. I've kept the fire going for warmth and with the pleasant smells of the tree the room looks and smells like Santa's workshop. Nan is still anxious to get her wrapping accomplished and tomorrow we will tackle that project. Hope we can get Keanna's help with decorating the new tree too under Grammys direction.

I completed a nice detailed blog a few minutes ago and when I hit send it failed and poof, it was gone. Now that is not nice at all and it does not please me to lose my work, but when its gone its gone. We heard from Jason and Jo today who are now able to move around in Denver. Jason and Jo's family were able to go to church but Jo is down with a cold and does not feel well. They got to attend a service where John and Karen Cress are the pastor team, now that is always a treat because they are good, committed and very creative.

I sense that its time to go to bed, my eye lids are closing as I write these words. We are looking forward to Dana's upcoming visit very much. She is like a spring, always full of energy and ideas and having her here is a delight. We appreciate Dana being willing to fly here on Christmas day.

Well the cars are both back safely in the garage tonight Gerry! Black one had to live outside last night and it almost did not start, being diesel it does not like the cold and its battery is marginal too. Tonight they are back in where they belong. I added some timers to the yard display where a large blow up Frosty and friend dominate, there are five little lit up trees, three wreathes and long with our next door neighbors display it all looks nice. Tonight our living room tree is also showing in the front window.

Mary worked very hard this afternoon bringing arm loads of clothes down from nan's bulging closet and then Nan could make a decision, keep, Dana pile, Nikki pile, sale pile, give to charity pile, Mary found some things she liked too and insisted on paying for them, that sure was not our intention, she has done so much for us, helped. In fact I had soup she brought over. It warmed up perfectly in the microwave and was great for super tonight. Thanks mary for allllll your help today and always.

Please join us in praying that God will see fit to curb the nausea, control the pain and help nan with her recovery. We have much to be thankful for and many friends and family to be thankful for as well.

Love from our family room to yours,

Tim and Nan

Friday, December 22, 2006

Surviving winter...california style

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is resting in her chair waiting for me to finish this blog so we can head to bed. She has had an interesting day with ups and downs. We rolled out this morning around 8, it was so cold that I headed back to bed a couple times before finally finding my robe, slippers and heading downstairs. I found a cold house, the furnace had failed to maintain 68. Instead it was 63 so the first priority was to build a fire. This process was simplified because coals from last night were still glowing. Always helps to have a warm stove to start with. Then I found a hot drink, my chair, the computer and went to work. I knew I needed to head to Tracy for a construction inspection for a just started new home and go by and see Mimi who is battling throat cancer and needed some help. She is a fellow appraiser who was trained by the same wonderful people who trained Nan and me, the Vogels. Just as I was ready to leave Di and Steve Souza called. They are friends who we trained in the appraisal business several years ago and who have since retired and moved to Boulder City. They were visiting in the area and it was great to visit with them for a few minutes and share war stories. They are precious people who we wish we could spend more time with. They brought us some nice Christmas gifts. So I left for Tracy later than I planned.

Julie, wound care nurse, came this morning to change the tummy dressing and drain bag. There is very little leaking evident this evening. Only a trickle in the collection bag, good news. Unfortunately the strength that Nan felt last night diminished and she felt quite a lot of pain today. She had her heart set on beginning to wrap presents and is going to get to it soon. She was forced to stay fairly low today due to the increased pain and suffering.

When I finished in Tracy I headed to Brentwood to pick up my meds, shoot a new photo of the rear of a home in very poor condition and find a Christmas tree. Nan called to tell me she was not able to get a renewal on her pain patches faxed to the pharmacy because it required a triplicate form. While she was prepared for me to just pick up the form on tuesday I was not so I called the oncologist on her cell phone and drove to Concord, picked up the prescription, drove back to Brentwood to turn it in to Longs Drugs, then headed out to locate a Christmas tree. We have discovered that at this point the prices are very reasonable on nice trees. But place after place I searched and found no trees. Finally I found one at Home Depot by Lonetree Way, Christmas traffic was terrible and road rage seemed more evident than Christmas spirit. Then back to Longs and then to the little house for a photo, the painters were not completed with their work the first time and finally home. The tree worked its magic on the car, it smelled so good all the way home.

At home I found Nan and Keanna playing, Nikki upstairs in the christmas room wrapping and everyone needing some warmth. I got a fire going and then relaxed for a minute with Nan and Keanna. She was busy creating a story line with her hospital play set. All too soon Nikki had to go and they left. Then we opened the gifts from Di and Steve, cute little mugs filled with all the fixings for great hot chocolate in one and apple cider in the other. What fun we had as we figured out how to create the drinks. I headed to the garage to locate Christmas wrapping boxes which are now spread all over the floor and Nan spent time creating a beautiful bow for the top of the Christmas tree we already have standing in the living room. She kept at it until it was just right, she wished she had paid closer attention when they were showing how to tie a bow on Rachael Ray but she was pretty sleepy with meds on that day in the hospital.

The fire did its best and now the room is 73 and very sleepy and comfortable. We continue to look foward to seeing Dana on Christmas day, her friend Bonnie can't locate a flight now so we will see her in the spring. Having Dana come to visit is sort of like Santa Claus, she is so jolly, positive and makes good things happen. Truly we can't wait.

Tomorrow morning I get to take Miss Keanna to Sabbath School and I hear she has a very nice red dress to wear. Should be great fun.

In retrospect this has been a rather long week. We started last sunday night as we drove to SF, then monday all day at the hospital with a successful procedure, then the long ride home tuesday morning, then back to a different hospital on thursday for the day, late dinner last night. Busy and rewarding. Our lives are challenging and with many blessings along the way. We thank God for a safe time on the roads in rain, fog, for safe times in the hospitals, for a warm bed, good meds, TPN, for getting to see Keanna swim and play, for enough work to keep us busy and for the ability to sleep at night. Especially we thank those who have had time to call and just talk, Nan is always touched by the kindness of the calls.

Please pray that God will continue to guide in our lives and in the recovery of Nan.


seasons greetings, Jesus is alive and well and cares for each of us personally.

tim and nan

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nan has a big day!

Dear Ones,

Its 11 pm and we just got home after a big day. A day that included a quick trip to John Muir Hospital in Concord after they called and said the blood was available for the transfusion, my coming upon the scene of a plane crash that had just happened in Concord, Nan's gradual improvement in her strength to the point that we went shopping after she was released from the hospital at 7. We had taken her there in her robe and a down blanket so we had to find some warm little boots and a coat that was 75% off.

In the distant past Nan and I used to sign on to sell Christmas trees at Cal Expo for Bob Knox. No one knew for sure where Bob had made his money but he ran a great operation and rented a large portion of Cal Expo, the state fair grounds in Sacramento. I always worked outside selling large trees to businesses and Nan helped with flocking, pricing and everything else needed to move trees out the door. There was a Santa every year and a couple cute things who took photos and dressed up in Elf outfits, usually Bob's daughters. Joyce, his wife, a striking tall blond was always there working as well, pricing trees and keeping things going. I met some of the TV news people who came for trees and had a great time in the weather. During those years we were in ministry and took our vacation time, earned some money and had a great Christmas because of it. One year Nan tied many rows of colored lights to a beautiful noble fir and then had the guys block over the lights and limbs, it was the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. We lived in our motorhome and the kids were very young and Marilyn our long time friend helped babysit them. Great memories as we look back on Christmas Tree Land.

We have heard from Jason and Jo who are house bound by the Denver storm. They are pretty much stuck indoors at Julie's place. The snow is deep and they are hunkered down reading and enjoying family. We are so thankful they got there before the storm and are planning to leave after the storm.

When I left the hospital today in Concord after getting Nan settled in her room I drove to Highway 4 to connect with 680. As I drove I noticed dozens of red lights blinking and police cars everywhere. Then I noticed that there was no traffic on the other side of Highway near the airport, that is when I saw the plane. The front looked like it had been put through a blender. I have included a photo I took as I drove by right after the fire was put out. We learned tonight that the three people on board died and that the 12 year old boy who was still alive after the accident has passed away as well. The pilot was 78 years old and one of the passengers was also up there in age. As I drove by and looked at the weather I found it hard to believe that anyone would be flying in those conditions, light rain, low haze and fog. This was his second try to land and if he had been 50 feet higher he would have been fine. I was filled with sadness knowing that suddenly peoples lives were ended and that others who loved them would always remember this Christmas for sad reasons.

I drove to Novato to see a property I have seen before, shot the comps and was lucky enough to find fuel, Nan's van tells you how many miles you have left before running out. It stops at 0 miles and I drove several miles with that readout showing on the dash. $52 later I hit the road again for Vallejo, then to Concord, back to Vallejo for a missing photo and then back to Concord to the hospital where Nan only had about 1/2 hour left before the blood was all in. Then we loaded up, bundled her warmly and wheeled her to the car. She wanted to shop so we did first finding a dress in the back up bag we carry in the car and then finding a coat at Old Navy and some foot ware too. She suggested we eat out and of course nothing warms my heart more than eating out. So Olive Garden was our next cold and rainy stop. 35 minutes later we were seated, soup and salad, bread and for Nan some fettecini alfredo, bellini ice tea. We enjoyed our time there in spite of a noise child at the next table and increasingly noise adults as the beer flowed. On the way home we tried to locate a Christmas tree but to no avail. We'll look again tomorrow.

This evening we can see that there is still some leakage in the incision wound, it appears very thick and will hardly go down the tube. Juli will come tomorrow, she is the wound care nurse and she will change the collection system and then it will be easier to see what is actually taking place. Nan really felt rough on the way to the hospital this morning but feels much better this evening, could be the help of the steriod they give her, always gives her a little boost in the energy department.

We are grateful just to be inside now, sort of warm, furnace quit today, won't fire up so back to depending on the wood stove.

We send our love and our sincere hope that you are warm, dry and contented on this the shortest day of the year and the longest night. We are very grateful to Sylvia for her help with the house, the clothes and the cookies, yum yum. We can't wait to see Dana and her friend who are coming right after Christmas.

Take care of yourself,


tim and nan

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just trying to stay warm

Dear Friends and Family,

Brrrr, its cold for California, actually saw frost on roofs this morning on my way to my first appointment. Nan stayed in bed for awhile and warm. Her poor body is feeling the pains and effects of the procedure which had her on her tummy face down for a couple hours on an open incision and the bags. Never fun and she tends to feel pains in different places at different times for a couple days. Her life is nearly controlled by the constant and unrelenting nausea no matter how faithful she is with the Kitril every 12 hours. We go the TPN going early tonight in case we end up going to the hospital tomorrow for blood. At this point we have not heard anything other than they are trying to locate the blood for the transfusion. From experience we know that will take one to two days. So we will try to call in the morning to find out what is happening.

I think I mentioned that we finally decided to see if the furnace will work and amazingly it did so we have it set at 68 as a backup to the wood stove which we keep hot all the time. This evening we've had the family room at 72 and its very comfortable. I've been snacking on good food Mary brought over yesterday. She brings enough for a week it seems and its always great. George our orange and white kitty is trying to assist with this blog, he keeps putting his paws up on my knee and wants to be petted. Fun kitty.

I keep discovering more surprises thanks to Syliva. Everywhere in the whole house that I turn I find clean!!! I am amazed at all she got done, clothes folded, dishes washed, floors clean, bathrooms clean, sinks sparkling, table sat, pretty pretty and a wonderful plate of cookies which tend to be on the disappearing side.

Nan is having a hard time finding foods that don't just make her sicker. Today she has had some mandarins, chocolate milk, water, crackers but none of it felt good to her tummy. I'm praying that God will intervene and help solve this growing problem. It appears that there is very little leaking taking place if at all. The wound care nurse comes tomorrow providing Nan is here and not at the hospital getting blood.

This evening I dashed into town to watch Keanna having her swimming lesson. I have included couple photos of that event. She can now swim the width of the pool, dive to the bottom to pick up rings and is really doing great, she loves it. What joy she brings all of us. Her first comment, did Grammie come? She notices things fast.

Well we wind up yet another day having experienced safety through the throngs of shoppers on the highways, inspecting houses with rotten decks, trying to keep appointments, trying to keep warm while measuring houses, loving a new CD I got from an online CD company connected to the classical station in SF. Laud to the Nativity by Respighi and The Magnificat by Monteverdi, Roger Wagner Chorale and LA Philarmonic Orchestra. Its a Clarion recording and its just wonderful. The opening by Marie Gibson, Soprano is just breath taking. Really takes me back to the wonderful chances Nan and I have had to sing with the Stockton Choral in Notre Dame, St Stephens cathedral in Vienna, Carnegie Hall in New York and some place huge in London. What a wonderful experience to blend your voice with 150 singers and an orchestra. Good stuff. And we both miss the Adoration Singers experience, blending voices with friends for worship, giving something back to our Creator.

Also channel 106 on XM radio has continuous classical christmas music which is a great treat. Helps to pass the miles and traffic with time less music.

Well Nan is mentioning that its time to sleep and I sure agree. So we send our love and heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful Christmas cards and letters which keep us in touch with so many. We enjoy every one of them.

Please pray that God will manage the nausea that is constantly with Nan right now. She would be doing pretty well if she could shake the constant sick tummy.

Sending love,

tim and nan

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home again safely!

Dear Friends and Family,

Well we are home and finally warm. Loree went all out to help Nan be comfortable when we got home, her leather chair was draped with a blanket over the heating pad, the little space heater was cranking and she had a blanket in the dryer getting warm. The house was really cold since we rely on wood heat and there had been no fire for a couple days. I built a fire and tried the furnace, amazingly it actually worked and helped warm the house up faster. Nan had a rough time getting home. We had to see a property in Piedmont and every street is crooked and up and down and bumpy. She was trying to rest in the back of the van and was so shaken up that several times she lost those cookies. When we got on the freeway she finally slept.

I was amazed when I walked in this morning about 8:20 and she was awake, alert, sitting up in the bed and ready to leave. She was already released from the hospital and after a bit of paper work I went and got the car from parking, no easy process, and then back to pick her up. She is still feeling pretty rough with the constant nausea and so far we don't have a clue as to why she is having it so bad. It appears that the draining from the wound is either stopped or much less. However there is some drainage in the illisotomy bag and its the foulest black substance, amazingly bad stuff. Not sure where they is coming from at all.

Our hearts were lifted to the skys as we walked in and found out that an angel had been here who does house cleaning, Sylvia Ahn was here at some point and things look absolutely wonderful. Floors clean, bathrooms sparkle, kitchen counters can be seen, just amazing all the things she did and a list of things I might need to replace. Thank you Syliva for everything including the very tempting cookies, wow are they ever good, every bite says Christmas time!!

On the way home Dr. Ganney called Nan on her cell to tell her she needed a blood transfusion. So began a long process which culminated in our getting permission to ask Terri the nurse to draw blood here at home and take it to Concord for the cross and type. Had we know we could have stopped at the hospital when we were driving by and saved Terri a lot of driving. She treats us so nicely and helps over and over again beyond the call of duty. Thanks go to Terri, glad we gave her a Starbucks gift certificate, her favorite watering hole, a perfect gift. So either thursday or friday Nan will be back in the hospital for a blood transfusion. But amazingly it has been almost a month this time for which we are thankful. Her number was 8.2 on monday. We are also following up on why we don't have eranase yet, this drug is expensive and may help Nan's body build its own red cells, worth a try but its been tough to get everyone on board, insurance company, doctor with Terri the nurse pushing all to get it to us.

I'm out tomorrow and Nan will be here alone. Mary might come back tomorrow and be with her for awhile. She came this afternoon and it was great since I was behind on some reports and had to get them out or get sued. IRS delivered a nice letter I had to sign for today regarding back taxes so I guess I'll take an hour or so and call them. Not sure what to say past I don't have the money you are requesting.

Yet I feel God's blessing through it all, we have high hopes for the leaking to slow to a trickle and then stop, we have hopes that the nausea can be managed or solved, we have hopes a brinks truck will pull up and dump some money, we have hopes for a good nights sleep tonight.

Thank you Syliva, Loree, Mary, Terri and others that have called and encouraged Nan today.

Sending our love tonight,

tim and nan

Monday, December 18, 2006


Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this evening from the lobby at the UCSF hospital where the United Nations are in session. Seriously talk about a cross section of the world, this is it. Nan is resting in her bed in a place called short stay. While she has pain and the fluids running out of her nephrostomy bags is bright red we are told that the procedure was a total success. Does that mean the fluid or leaking is over? No one can say for sure but at least both ureters have little balloons blocking any flow through them now. There is even an additional tube coming out of Nan's back on each side which goes to the balloons. She won't be jazzed about that for sure. If this does not work they are prepared to go back in and using medical glue try that method of stopping the leak. We arrived on time but waited three hours with Nan sitting in her wheel chair before they took her in. She was sort of tired before even getting to start. We finally got to the room about 6 tonight and they are very nice giving her good care. Typical red tape caught up with us. I brought a bag of TPN from home and kept it on ice last night so we would be ready to feed her this evening. The hospital ran it back and forth and finally decided they could not allow that, even though I have been putting the TPN bag on her for the past 3 months without infection or problem. So the TPN goes back to the car and on ice and tomorrow when she loads into the car we'll hook it up then. Bummer, the nurses fought for her but lost. So after that she did not even bring up the Gleevec and Rapamune, she just took them without a war.

There is no cell signal on her floor so I'm in the lobby sending this message out.

Nan is doing vintage Nan, strong, stoic and very hopeful that this will help her in lots of ways. We expect to leave for home tomorrow between 10 and noon and will have to do an appraisal review on the way home, fortunately it is on the way and won't take a lot of time. We are really looking forward to getting back home and enjoying the fire, seems we have been cold in the hallways, the rooms and even the waiting room was icy today. I didn't get a chance to eat until about 3 after Nan was through with the process, then I headed down and got a plate of vegies at the cafe, good stuff and I was ready. They found some vege soup for Nan this evening and she is watching TV and sleeping, mostly sleeping.

How can we ever thank you for your loving kindness and prayers for Nan? We thank you each and every one. We especially want to thank Brad and Kathy for letting us stay at their home last night and tonight for me, its only about 30 blocks away and helps so very much.

We were so glad to hear that Roger and Carol are back from the mission field and all that warm weather, back to their home and work work work. We ask that you pray for Irene as she has a CT scan tomorrow at 11. For those of you who face these all the time they can be very scary.

Well I'm signing off and going back to sit with Nan for awhile and then to Brad and Kathy's for rest. We are thankful for the success of this day and the fact that Nan handled the procedure well. We send our love first to our precious Children and Keanna, then the larger family and then our friends and fellow GISTers. Life is precious, treasure it, embrace it and enjoy people, love people, touch people, listen to people, care for people.

Sending our love,

tim and nan

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ready to travel to UCSF

Dear Friends and Family,

We are making the last minute preparations before leaving for SF and our friends 1st level bedroom near the hospital. That will help us avoid the traffic in the morning which could make us late for the 10 am surgery appointment. This way we will be about 20 minutes from the hospital instead. Pam Whitted was an angel and arrived with food from the Spaghetti Factory for me and a willing hand to help Nan prepare for the hospital visit and surgery. Then she had to hit the road since Shannon, her daughter had arrived this afternoon and sort of wanted to see her mom. Thank you Pam for your help and for loading the dishwasher.

We have worked hard today, Nan has worked hard at not asking for anything so I can get work done and I have worked hard at sitting in the chair and working instead of bouncing up every other minute to check on something else. So as a result we have got lots of work emailed out to lenders, caught up, nope but much closer now than this morning. Terri, the visiting nurse came this morning, thats right on sunday to get blood work done before we leave tonight.

Nan has fielded lots of calls from friends and family today, if you only knew how much it helps to have calls from loved ones, just makes the hours wiz by. Thanks for remembering her today. I think we are both sort of looking forward to the outcome of the surgery tomorrow. We really hope it helps the nausea, the leaking and the healing. Nan is ready to get up and go but so far the nausea pretty well keeps her home and in the bed or the chair.

I will blog when I can tomorrow. I don't know the lay of the land in this new hospital we are going to, new for us that is, parnassius hospital of UCSF. I'll have the laptop and try to blog so you will know how things are progressing. Nan will be in her room by noon but will probably sleep for a few hours before welcoming calls. You can leave messages on my cell but I won't be able to answer it probably.

The plan is to arrive at the hospital about 9:30 to sign in, then the procedure is scheduled for 10. If its typical for interventional radiology they won't take long and then to the room and recovery for awhile. I've been working such long hours lately that not working is going to feel sort of strange to me for a change.

Our request is that you would ask God to control everything, the trip in, the night in a strange bed, the signing in, the actual procedures and the recovery. We seek to have Him close to us.

So for now we must sign off and prepare to travel.

Sending our love,
Tim and Nan

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nan and Keanna decorate the tree

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again it is nearing time to head to bed. I surprised nan last evening and changed the sheets so she went to bed with crisp cold clean sheets. Our room is about the same temperature as outside so we really snuggle down under our warm winter blanket. We try to coax Starr to our side of the bed because she sleeps so warm. Getting up at night is an act of courage braving the cold winds, I sort of expect to step out onto snow when I roll out of bed. But we sleep well.

Nan just finished an english muffin with light peanut butter and a glass of chocolate milk so she can take her meds. We started TPN early this evening and we'll start the TPN even earlier tomorrow so she will be free of it before head to the hospital on monday. We are going to be able to once again experience the hospitality of Brad and Kathy and stay in the city on sunday night so we can avoid hours of traffic on monday morning getting to the hospital. Nan will be staying over night at the hospital after the procedure which will mean we head home sometime on tuesday during the day we hope.

Nan sent me on a mission today, to come home with mandarin oranges from Trader Joe's. We have a brand new Trader Joe's in Brentwood and sure enough they had beautiful tasty mandarins. We finally ran out of the ones Barb and Gerry picked and brought to us weeks ago. Well Nan has eaten 5 of them since I got home along with a lemon. All of this is in spite of the serious nausea that has plagued her all day. She rested and enjoyed the warmth of the fire, napped for a few hours in the middle of the day, talked to several people on the phone.

This evening Nikki and Keanna came to visit. nan and Keanna decorated the tree with silver and red balls, what fun to see Keanna in action. nan would prepare each little ball with a colorful string and then Keanna would walk into the living room to the tree and find a place for it. She did a great job and loved helping. Nikki made dinner and checked out the internet since hers has been on the injured internet list for a few days. I shot a few photos which I have included at the head of this message.

The mails were kind to us again today, more wonderful Christmas cards and even a couple checks. I attended part of the worship hour in Tracy today and enjoyed a slide presentation by someone who does mission work in the Phillipines. It sure reminds us of how nice we have things here and how poor and desperate much of the world's population finds living. I got to speak to the pastor a few minutes and my friends, Emily and Loren Dunston, Wes, Bob Miller, Ted Tryon, Kevin Ahn and Zack Huffman.

Nan and I have high hopes for the procedure on monday and we really ask you to pray that God's hand will be over the entire process. We have been very pleased with the level of care we have experienced at the UCSF medical facilities. We are in the hands of people who are at the top of their medical profession yet are very kind and hopeful, helpful and take enough time to explain what is going on. We are very hopeful that nan can find relief for the constant nausea. It sort of saps the fun out of living and makes just sitting up in a chair difficult.

Art and I have spoken a couple times today and he is doing well, said his mom's service was very positive and beautiful. He has been a very good son to her and I know he will miss her for the rest of his life. He really appreciates Connie's help through it all.

Tomorrow is a very busy and important day. There are about 6 appraisals that have to be completed tomorrow which will require that I use my time wisely. Wish us well.

Please pray for Nan especially on monday at 10 am which is when the procedure is scheduled. I'll take the laptop and try to get word out after the process but that may be a few hours.

We are sending you our love tonight,

tim and nan

Friday, December 15, 2006

Winding down to a quiet friday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan and I are very thankful for friday evening's arrival. It means the end to the grind of the week and some time to rest and get in touch again. We've covered a lot of ground this week and Nan has made some real progress while experiencing some pretty strong nausea along the way. When I got home last evening she was dressed and ready to head to Stockton. She offered to drive, now mind you this is a woman who was clinging to life 6 months ago after her huge surgery, a woman who was bed bound for 54 days, a woman who could not push the keys of her phone to make a call or even answer a call, a woman who could not write or hold a pen, who could not type on the computer for weeks. She offers to drive even though it was cold, wet and very dark. She did a great job and when we arrived in Stockton at the Mall we loaded her into the wheel chair and drove into the eye store to get her new glasses. Only when she got home after driving back home again and sat down to watch TV did she realize how much better she could now see. She said, how bright and clear the TV picture was. Its been years since her last exam so she is seeing much better now.

Today Julie came and changed her tummy collection bag for perhaps the last time. We really like Julie and appreciate her approach to things. She worked on the nephrostomy dressings also taking out little crystals that form and are as sharp as glass.

I worked in this morning and nan and I went over the board where I write everything that is pressing and needs to get done. I wrote a couple reports, reviewed and forwarded one from Steve and then prepared to hit the road to do a driveby for a property in Fremont which has an appraisal for 1.7 million. This time it looks like they are right on with the value so the paperwork will be easier on this one. I dreaded the traffic coming back from Fremont but it was amazingly clear. The trip went fast and Nan was surprised to learn that I was near home when we spoke on the cells.

I am feeling much better thanks to the antibiotics Dr. Edwards prescribed for me. Much better, almost human again. When I got home I put some sticks of wood in the stove and after hours of sitting the coals ignited the new logs and we had a fire. Our TPN delivery came today with all the supplies we will need for the coming week. Crescent is an excellent company and never misses a beat in having the right stuff here for Nan. I load our little frig up with 7 bags of TPN and the vitamins, pepcid and put other supplies in a box I keep in the closet, then put the things the monday nurse needs to take blood work in her box and we are set for another week. The TPN has allowed Nan to gain in strength, energy, PH balance, vitamins and minerals. They seem to have found the right formula for her general health. Once again we are thankful for the good people at Crescent who help us so much.

After weeks of checks dribbling in this has been a better week. Several larger checks have arrived. At the beginning of the week I was so fearful as I prayed, I just didn't see how we could possibly meet all the financial obligations we had to meet this week. Several times while I was speaking with clients over the phone I was prompted to mention past due accounts that Nan had pointed out to me when she was preparing the statements to mail out. A couple of those casual conversations resulted in large checks arriving. Nan has felt good enough to write checks to just about everyone in the world it seems, actually just our normal bills and the bills of the company and tonight we are deeply grateful for God's timing and His help with everything this week.

Nan and I have been able to keep warm, to keep full and to keep safe this week. In spite of the painful world Nan lives in she has helped in so many little and some not so little ways. Friends and family, this is no normal, average woman I am married to, this is a driven, stubborn, stoic, caring, tender, lovely human being and it is the privilege of our family to have her example and humor with us. What a great lady!

This great lady continues to need our prayers. She also benefits from your calls and visits, the cards and emails. Each and every contact helps pass the time and encourages her to hang and to keep the faith. One nice note, her incision is growing smaller rapidly now and is nearly closed in part except for where the leak is coming through.

We have heard from our great kids lots this week and they are a great blessing to us, Steve comes by and sometimes brings Keanna who lights up the room, Steve and the kitties have a special love affair and now he brings the new puppy too. Talk about cute and full of life. Already going on trips with STeve in the car to do appraisals this will be a very much loved puppy.

So lets keep praying for each other,


tim and nan

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crusing along through the fog

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again its about 10 pm, TPN is in place, fire is burning in the stove, nan has a blanket over her to help her stay warm and of course I am checking my emails. Business is really busy right now, most of it strange stuff, appraisals in Santa Clara, Turlock, driveby reviews, 2 relocation appraisals came in today plus some other stuff. Busy.

I had to leave around 8 this morning for a 2.5 hour trip to Daly City, traffic was as bad as I have ever seen, 1 hour from Lafayette to Bay Bridge, normally 10 minutes. Nice place with a view behind the cow palace, then to Concord to a lovely home with senior citizens, great people, then to Fairfield to a cluster home, then to Dixon to a nice single story and then home. Mary was visiting Nan when I got home and had been her for awhile. She left shortly after I arrived and Nan and I drove to Stockton to pick up her new glasses, they work and look great, then home. I made her some asparagas soup and i had sandwiches with peanut butter, mayo, cheese and tomato, so good, then a little sack of popcorn.

Nan had a pretty good day with lots of rest and she looked very good all dressed, hair washed and ready to go when I got home. Can't help being proud of her guts and courage.

Nikki loaned me a book to listen to while I drive, one by James Patterson set in the middle ages. Great story of courage and sure helps the 200 miles melt away. God sent more money in the mail today, great timing! Never comes a day too soon.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support for dear sweet beautiful Nan.


tim and nan

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not a bad day at all...

Dear Hearts,

9:50 and our day is slowing down finally. For the first time ever Nan blogged this morning. She had me show her how to create a message, wrote one and sent it. Progress! What a change in plans but once we thought it through we just had to accept it. I settled in to work but took Pams advice and called Jim, my doctor and friend since college. He was able to see me so I went there directly. Jim prescribed some meds to help me fight the infection that has been growing in me. This evening I am coughing less and feeling some better already.

Nan was able to speak with many family and friends today to let them know of the change in plans. She has battled heavy duty nausea all day. She rested quite a bit and this evening had some toast so she could take her meds, of course also a lemon from Pams trees.

I will be out for a long day tomorrow, Daly City at 10 am, Concord at 12:30, Fairfield at 2:30 and then Dixon at around 3:30 or so. Not an easy day but then who wants it easy. So if you happen to be free and can call Nan tomorrow or even come by she will be delighted to trade stories or Christmas greetings. Try to avoid mid day as that is when she sleeps for a little while.

The mail certainly brightened our day. Hundreds of dollars came in and while thousands are still owed the money that came in helps meet the huge challenges of this week. We thank God for His help.

This evening I ran a cable over to Nikki and got to see Keanna, the newly sealed travertine floors and the new puppy. What a kick to see happy faces even for just a few minutes. Mom had me stop for popsickle backup supplies on the way home. Don't dare run out of those precious popsickles.

And so we wind up this interesting day, a day which changed dramatically yet turned out OK. My prayer tonight is that the nausea can be calmed down. It is no fun to have to put up with hour after day illness. Thank you everyone that called today, when you dial Nan you are making a big big difference in her life. And Wes please reaim your prayer machine toward monday for success in healing the leak.


tim and nan

Changes at the last minute

As fate would have it, UCSF call just a hour before we were to leave and cancelled the appointment for today. I am just glad we were still here, not on the road somewhere. I may get work today after all. The request was made incorrectly by nan's doctor. Seems nan will be staying overnight. A new appointment was made for Monday @ 10 am. Please keep us in your prayers at that time.

nan and tim

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday, the day before!

Dear Friends and Family,

Today a new wound care nurse came and once again Nan had to teach her how to install the fixtula wound collection bag, she managed to ruin the first one so Nan had her start over and do it again. AFter a very long time it was done. Of course then nan has to stay in place for awhile while it sets up before moving around. So she spent a large portion of today in bed. I left early afternoon to go to Concord, then Benicia and then Vallejo. The property in Benicia is a empty lot across the street from the water and will have really nice views from the second level rooms. It is proposed construction so we create an appraisal using the blue prints, cost breakdown, lot value and compare the proposed project to current sales of completed homes in the area. Downtown Benicia is a very charming place, reminds one of east coast towns. The vallejo job was a driveby review. Lovely home on a corner, comps were all nearby but something seems like value is pushed. We'll work on that in the morning.

Once again Nan and I are facing another important day in her recovery. She has experienced the leaking for nearly 3 months now and while it is less than it once was it still is taking place. So tomorrow interventional radiology will attempt to introduce a small balloon or coil into the right ureter effectively blocking it. If the flow through the right ureter is stopped the current wisdom is that the illilal loop with dry up and stop leaking. Nan says that today when the incision wound was uncovered it has healed a lot, even more than a few days ago. This is in spite of it being constantly wet. We will leave home about 10:15 in the morning hoping to find the different hospital this procedure will be done at. They are to start at 1 pm. Over the years Nan and I have had to part company so many times as she is rolled away for either surgery, procedures, tests, CT scans... it never gets easier seeing her shrinking image as she rolls through a door or down a hallway. We both ernestly hope and pray that this time what is done will be a big help in her recovery. We will also try to catch up with the CD of the last CT scan to ship to Boston, we've have to see how that goes. Our hopes are that the leak can be stopped, that as a result there will be less nausea, increased strength and a better sense of well being.

I personally am battling a head cold, painful ears, nasty coughing and a feeling of not being quite right. I've been able to keep working but probably not as quickly as usual. I understand that both Keanna and Steve are not feeling well today either, I hope my being with them and being less than ideal last evening did not cause their relapse. I'm getting by on vit. c tablets, zicam nose stuff, hot water with lemon, Dayquil and water. Trying to avoid sugar, grease.

It was so good to read an email response back from Wes and nanette and also from Bob and Carrol. It helps to know we are not alone in this challenging time. We are thankful for insurance, for good medical help like that found at UCSF and for a reliable van to get there and back. In spite of negative times there are many things to be grateful for as well.

Please keep Nan in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow at 1 pm. Thanks so much.


tim and nan

Monday, December 11, 2006

Steve's big day

Dear Friends and Family,

Our son in law Steve turned 33 today and to celebrate he put down travertine tile in their living room. This evening we went to a steak house to celebrate. Nan had hoped to feel good enough to able to go but the nausea got worse all day so she rested at home by the fire. Keanna was on her best daddy loving behavior. We all ordered food we wanted and were given excellent service, perfect food and our waitress was a vegetarian. While steve swore us all to not tell the waitress that it was his birthday Keanna started to sing very quietly to her daddy and the waitresses came with the special ice cream birthday treat and a cowboy hat which Keanna wore to the car. Then she sang the song again in the car and then louder when we got home, so tender and sweet, her little voice. Their new puppy was dancing around, learning to fetch a ball, learning to go potty in the front yard, what a precious duo these two.

When I got home Nan had visited the kitchen and made muffins so she would have something to eat with her Gleevec. Once again she surprises me.

We have been home today and I've been cranking out the work as fast as I can. However I've felt ill most of the day with ear ache, stuffy head, constant coughing. Sort of hard to work when one feels lousy. nan has felt rough too with some blood in her left nephrostomy from time to time. I can always hear the joy in her voice when someone calls and for a few minutes she is lifted out of the pain and suffering to a place of joy. So friends and family please keep those calls coming, emails are great too.

We can sure use your prayers as we approach wednesday and the 1 pm procedure. Also could you please pray that God will work through the statements we just sent out, we really need the clients to be prompted to pay for work long completed. Nan worked hour after hour getting the statements out with hand written notes and pleas, folded them, stamped them and this morning I mailed them.

We thank you for your love,

tim and nan

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A mellow sunday

Dear Friends and Family,

9 pm sunday evening and we've laid low today. Neither of us are feeling to good so we've kept the place warm, watched some TV, I've emailed out some reports, read our emails and talked to family on the phone.

I had planned to attend Art's Mothers service today in Gilroy but failed to learn the time when it was being held until to late to make the trip. When I spoke to Art he was so kind and urged me to stay out of the rain and to stay with nan. After thinking it over that is what I did.

Art and Connie have been on our minds today as they say a grateful good night to Arts mom. Sarah, Matt and Holly were all there at the house.

Nan is experiencing some blood in her nephrostomy tubes, yes we are aware that it happens but we still don't enjoy seeing it, first the left side and when that cleared up then the right one this evening. Nan has had a pain in her upper incision where it is healed already for the last couple days and is still battling nausea all of the time. In spite of not feeling great she has all the statements for our company ready to go out, stamped, folded and ready to ship out. People owe us thousands of dollars and a portion of it we will never see. Agents come and go, people fail to follow through to see that we are paid and the amounts stack up. Nan has written nice little messages on some of the statements urging that they be paid soon. We desperately need the money with IRS breathing down our back, bills to pay and soon the house payment again.

Nan had some asparagas soup tonight, crackers, popsickle so she could take her Gleevec and Rapamune. She didn't feel much like eating but the meds work better with food.

Tomorrow begins another week of work with wednesday being set aside for the UCSF surgical procedure. As I understand it interventional radiology intends to introduce a small coil or balloon into her right ureter in hopes of sealing the flow from the kidney to the illilal loop which is the source of the leaking. If nothing comes in then nothing can leak out, that is the hope and thinking.

This is a busy time for everyone it seems and amazingly we are having some orders. Usually this time of the year things get pretty quiet work wise. Again we are grateful for the work and the eventual income.

I have included a couple photos from the night when Keanna's school had their Christmas program. It was an evening of enchantment getting to see Keanna on stage enjoying herself and so cute in her angel outfit. I just had to share and Nikki was kind enough to send photos over this morning or last night so I can pass a couple on.

Don't you think Keanna looks like a little angel? Well I sure do. When she comes to visit she has some dolls and toys that live at our house. They creates worlds with the dolls, blankets, bottles, games, strollers, and she is busy, busy. Nikki and Steve have managed to allow her to be secure, obedient (usually), creative and humorous. What a total blessing she is to all of us. Nan just loves to have Keanna come to visit, there is no one like Keanna to bring cheer.

Nan is watching a show about santa and his daughter that sounds cute, sounds around the corner because I am writing this blog in my office, she is in the family room. I've got to tell you, Nan is a total wonder, in spite of many setbacks and pains, bags and weaknesses she still has humor, manages to look great, is up on the business, appointments, bills, christmas cards, emails. She is truly amazing and I enjoy her intercom message each morning when she is awake enough to come down stairs and lets me know. This morning she slept in until about 10 which is pretty amazing, guess she needed the rest to make up for friday night and our 1:20 bedtime.

Life goes on and we thank God for it. We love to hear from you. mary came to visit and caught us up on all her trips, Monterey, Europe, jet setter that she is. Also she spent a week baby sitting sick children over in Walnut Creek so its not all glamor I guess. Her hubby retired so now they are more free to do things, they have worked so hard for so many years they deserve any away time they can find. Mary has a big heart of love for Nan and is so good to us.

So we say good night and send our love to each of you who read. Today we heard from the family of Amy who was in intensive care at Boston the same time as Nan was. She had been in a terrible car accident and for some time it did not look good for any recovery. Yet todays email says while she lives in a special facility she no longer has tubes or wires, she has long term memory back, can walk, talk, eat and is learning each day how to function better. We are so pleased and amazed at her progress. She has a great family and we supported each other every day in the ICU waiting room for weeks and weeks. Great people!


tim and nan

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A quiet sabbath

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you enjoying the weather? the season? gift finding? traffic?

For those of us who live in California we really get so little less than ideal weather that when we complain about our nasty days the rest of the country probably snickers at us. When we rolled out this morning we found a beautiful clean and bright world. The showers of the night had cleaned the air and everything looked fresh. As the day progressed gradually things grew darker and finally this evening at a time when I had finally motivated myself to get outside and move firewood from the driveway to the side yard it started to rain. I happened to turn and look toward the boat to find the cover had blown off and it was exposed and open. So as it started to rain again I fought the huge cover back up onto the boat and got it recovered. Will it stay? Doubt it but the light bulb I have burning for the winter in the boat by the steering wheel to keep things dry was still burning and at least for now the boat is covered again. We wanted the look of the fire burning and managed to raise the temp in the family room to 79 degrees, too hot to be comfortable unless you just came in from outside in the rain, then for a few minutes it felt great. We started the TPN early tonight, at 7 to see if we can give Nan more freetime during the day when the TPN cycle ends.

After our time out yesterday Nan felt very sore today in her upper torso. Once again she has wrestled with nausea and some pain from her left nephrostomy. We are heading in early tonight after our very late night last night, 1:20 this morning. I have no idea how that happened except we were happy to be home and get warm after being out and enjoyed the fire and its warmth, prepared the TPN late, turned the tank back on so I could feed the fish, it normally goes off at 10 pm on its timer STeve has set.

I've been keeping the washer and dryer going when I happen to remember and right now have a load of jeans and pants that are done and need to be taken out, we don't iron here in this house, I don't know how and Nan does not have enough strength so getting clothes out of the dryer after it stops becomes very important.

This evening I made a grilled cheese with tomatos for myself and some top romen noodles for both of us. Then Nan had a plate with green olives, cranberry sause and noodles and chicken. She cleaned her plate and took the Gleevec and Rapamune. Right now I think we are heading to bed. I have a rather full plate of work tomorrow with many dead lines looming or already past. I am also needing to find out when the service is for Art's mom and will follow up on that in the morning.

I attended church today in Tracy and enjoyed the pastors sermon. It prompted my thinking about treasuring the moment and learning to let Jesus be in more complete control of my life. I have wrestled with how to surrender and stay surrendered for most of my adult life and continue to find it challenging. I know God cares, that He has our best in mind, that He is willing to be personally involved in every aspect of our lives. I know that some level but allowing it to happen on a hour by hour basis during the days as I race around through traffic, do nice to the people whose homes I am inspecting, answer business calls and try to hold it all together. Not really an easy life and I'm sure I don't allow God to control much.

We send our love and want to remember especially our family members, Sharon, David, Dana and Ron, Joe and Linda, Aunt Ann, Barbara, Jan, my brother Jerry, my sister Sibyl and our precious children. We feel so blessed to have such a kind and attentive support group of people.

Please pray that Nan will find success on wednesday as doctors take steps to solve the leak.

love to all,

tim and nan

ps Roxanna and Rick, we love the little bird you sent.

Wrapping it up in style

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Gisters,

Finally its Friday. We caught some Christmas shopping, had dinner out at California Pizza Kitchen and are still up now at 12:20. Nan was thirsty for something different and we remembered we had a bottle of non alcoholic grape juice from Italy in the bottom of the frig. We are not sure where it came from or who brought it but it is sure good. Nan enjoyed her glass. On our way home a bag burst, that happens once in awhile and Nan knew all the right things to do to take care of everything but it is still very tough to handle. Now she is resting in her chair and watching the fire burn down.

Nan has demonstrated tons of courage this week, she is taking on projects and seeing them through, more Christmas cards went out this afternoon that she had personally addressed and prepared. She has had to teach her hand to behave when it is writing, she has had to teach her body lots of things after the long hospital stay and bed rest. This morning UCSF surgery called and we have an appointment for 1 pm wednesday for the right ureter to be blocked. They are treating is as an out patient process but we know from experience there will be lots of pain connected with the process. Nan was impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the person who called to set up the procedure. It will be at a different campus than we are used to, Parnassius or something like that.

Our life has settled into some comfortable routines. nan has been able to sleep all night and sometimes up to 10 hours, that rest has helped her a lot with awake times and more strength. She goes back up for a mid day nap and then the TPN is over so she can move about freely without having to carry a back pack with her. We are planning to put the TPN on earlier, about 7 pm so she can be free by about 11 in the morning. Nan is having less pain than a month ago, more nausea but I think she is slightly stronger than she was. We are trying to control the nausea by using either Kitril or Zophram, both seem to work pretty well.

We have talked to both Nikki and Jason today, it is always a blessing and joy to get to catch up on what they are doing in their busy lives. I have not heard about Keanna's plans for tomorrow so I don't know if Sabbath School is possible or not. Nikki will call me about 8 in the morning if its a go. Nikki and Steve found some beautiful tile for their living room and entry and Steve has been preparing the concrete floor for the new tile. In the process he hurt his back and can hardly move yet in spite of the pain he has emailed through appraisals, I tell you he is amazing in what he can accomplish. Boo is getting used to living with the Shipleys and is so very cute and sweet. keanna loves to play with her new puppy and so does Steve. Somehow Boo seems to find her way into bed with Steve in the morning and settles in and goes back to sleep. These kids sure love their pets and are so good to them.

I spent hours in traffic today going 20 mph. It was almost a waste to leave the house. I inspected a triplex in Berkeley and then drove across the Dunbarton Bridge to palo alto to inspect a cute little place where the owner has lived for 30 years. Both places had new granite counters, quite a shock, not what one would expect from the street at all. Then I headed back to Walnut Creek to do a field review of someone elses appraisal report but the setting sun beat me out and I had to head home using the backroads. These short days are tough to cope with. But when I got home I found two checks in the mailbox. That is always a good thing, will cover todays payroll.

For now we are heading to bed. We are thankful to God for His presence, His protection during the hundreds of miles I have driven this week in heavy traffic, for His healing effects on Nan's body and for many happy moments with family. Our hearts go out to Art and Connie as they lay ARts mom to rest on sunday. She was a fine lady, a good lady and must have done something very special because my friend Art is about as good of person as you can find. He is a real friend, solid, honest and trustworthy. I count Art as one of God's blessings to our lives.

Please keep Nan in your prayers, that she will continue to feel better, stronger and be able to enjoy the season even more than anticipated. She is so precious and beautiful and I'm about as lucky as any man could be to have her as my own.


tim and nan

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Life goes on

Dear Friends and Family,

This evening Nan and I spoke to Art our good friend from Gilroy and expressed our sorrow at his losing his mom this morning. She passed in her sleep. What a wonderful dedicated woman she was and lived a full life of family and caring. Art has been especially close to her and has taken care of her in his own special way. He had been dedicated to her comfort and care and while he knew she was about to go still when it happens it is a loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with Art, Connie, the kids and Arts siblings.

Nikki and Keanna came over tonight and under mom's direction made noodles and chicken. Also green beans, rolls and of course on moms plate, green olives. It was so good to see Keanna in action again, she is very mature in her conversation and comments and it seems she has grown more every time we see her. Nikki is in high gear Christmas mode and no one does it better than she. She buys and then when she finds out she got a good deal she puts it on Ebay and sells it higher, she covers the costs of many toys and clothes by selling for profit. Amazing. She and Steve have Ebay totally dialed in and make lots of money selling just about everything. I laughingly relate the story that when Keanna gets a gift she looks at her mommy and says, mommy can I keep it or are you going to sell it on Ebay. I'm sure there will have to be therapy in the future somewhere!!

I was in Walnut Creek, Orinda, Oakland today. For a bit I was walking in Jack London Square by the water's edge as I tried to get in back of a condo building to take more photos. Traffic was very bad and even though I took back roads to get home it still took a while to make it. When I did dinner was about ready. Nan had me build a fire later for some warmth and she is now sleeping in her chair waiting for my help so she can go up to bed. She has once again battled nausea all day but this afternoon went through the difficult task of getting dressed. When I came home she looked great, I mean really great, see if you agree? I have included a couple photos from this evening.

I'm out again tomorrow seeing properties but will be home early tomorrow afternoon. This has been a brutal week work wise and I'm sure glad that Loree is beginning to feel better and can help with some of the phone calls and setting up orders. She has not recovered fully yet but is doing better every day.

We are waiting for a call from intervential radiology regarding the leaking. We hope to hear something soon and get to move forward with some positive action for Nan's sake.

Thanks for your prayers and love especially during this special season.


tim and nan

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making progress one step at a time

Dear Friends and Family,

Its 10 pm and time to wrap up this day. Its been OK and God blessed with some high points. A very nice moment for me was when I was finishing up an appraisal inspection over in San Ramon and Nan mentioned she was fixing some food. It was enough to hurry me home over the back roads, used to avoid the terrible traffice we have everywhere these days, hurry home. Nan was considering having us go shopping when I got home also but by the time I got here she was tired. She has had more nausea today and this time lost an entire meal, not good at all and we have no clue as to why the nausea is much worse again. Seems just when the pain lessens the nausea gets stronger. We are using Kitril through the IV, Zophram once in a while, peppermint sticks, lemons, triscuits. Nan has made it a pretty good day in spite of not feeling great. I see she has been working her computer a lot probably doing Christmas shopping or at least looking at things. She has her Christmas cards out at least partially and ordered stamps for the business statements through the internet also. She is helping in so many ways. I feel so blessed every day to have her intercom me about 8 to 9 when she wakes. Last night she slept almost 10 hours which was wonderful, only up once during the entire night.

I worked in this morning putting in orders in the computer, emailing out completed work, taking care of business.

And when I saw the mail today God had really blessed with two checks that go a long ways toward covering last weeks payroll. I had prayed hard this morning seeking some blessings from God's special shelf. We are counting the days until Dana and Bonnie come for their visit. nan was saddened today to learn that Dana has taken a full time job and will not be able to stay as long as we had hoped but we still get her for more than a week which will be wonderful.

Steve brought Boo for his first visit to our house today, a beautiful timid black lab puppy. Starr was not sure about all the attention Boo was getting, what a cuties. Steve said that to sleep last night he had to have Boo in the garage with a heater nearby, otherwise it was crying and wailing. I sure remember those days when new puppy comes to live. Every piece of our wood furniture has chew marks from Starr, Lady and Noka when they were little, but somehow it does not matter because they have brought so much joy to our lives.

Tomorrow I am am out again and need to get somethings written before I leave in the morning. This afternoon I was doing field reviews, that is where I have someones appraisal and I drive the comps he or she used and see if I agree with the way the report finds a value. Today I ran out of light, left too late out the door, seem to never learn, always one more thing to do before leaving. While I was working I did the laundry and started the dishwasher so things are pretty much in order, then dryed things in a dryer that never used to work well. When Barbie was here she talked to the dryer and pulled lots of junk out of its insides, now the dryer works great, what a blessing that is. I even folded everything.

Nan is anxiously waiting to hear from UCSF regarding the interventional radiology procedure. So far no word or appointment. They say it will be a outpatient process but since we have to be there early in the morning we might stay in a hotel nearby instead of try to fight traffic all the way in at that time of day. We'll see.

We are thankful for each of you, we are also thankful for your help, the recovery fund has enough in it to cover Nan's glasses and do some Christmas shopping. Now for paying bills we hope and pray that lenders will pay up and soon.

Thank you for your prayers for Nan, please keep them going.


tim and nan